Measurement Conversion Factors

Angstrom units to centimeters
Angstrom units to inches
Angstrom units to microns
Atmospheres to dynes/
Atmospheres to mm of mercury
BTU (mean) to calories, gram (mean)
BTU (mean) to foot-pounds
BTU (mean) to joules (abs)
Calories, gram (mean) to btu (mean)
Calories, gram (mean) to foot-pounds
Candle power (spherical) to lumens
Centimeters to angstrom units
Centimeters to feet (U.S.)
Centimeters to inches (U.S.)
Centimeters to miles (U.S. statute)
Cm of mercury at 0 to atmospheres
Centimeters/second to feet/minute
Centimeters/second to miles/hour
Coulombs to Ab coulombs
Cubic centimeters to cubic feet (U.S.)
Cubic centimeters to cubic inches (U.S.)
Cubic centimeters to gallons (U.S.)
Cubic centimeters to milliliters
Cubic centimeters to ounces (U.S. fluid)
Cubic centimeters to pints (U.S. liquid)
Cubic centimeters to quarts (U.S. liquid)
Cubic feet (U.S.) to cubic centimeters
Cubic feet (U.S.) to liters
Cubic feet (U.S.) to quarts (U.S. liquid)
Cubic feet of water (at 60F) to pounds
Cubic inches (U.S.) to cubic centimeters
Cubic inches (U.S.) to cubic feet (U.S.)
Cubic Meters to cubic feet (U.S.)
Cubic Meters to cubic inches (U.S.)
Degrees to circles
Drams (apothecaries' or troy) to drams (avoirdupois)
Drams (avoirdupois) to drams (apothecaries' or troy)
Drams (avoirdupois) to grains
Drams (avoirdupois) to grams
Drams (avoirdupois) to ounces (avoirdupois)
Drams (avoirdupois) to pounds (avoirdupois)
Drams (U.S. fluid) to cubic centimeters
Drams (U.S. fluid) to ounces (fluid)
Feet (U.S. survey) to centimeters
Foot-Pounds to btu (mean)
Gallons (U.S.) to cubic centimeters
Gallons (U.S.) to cubic feet
Gallons (U.S.) to gallons (British)
Gallons (U.S.) to liters
Gallons (U.S.) to minims
Gallons (U.S.) to ounces (U.S. fluid)
Gallons (U.S.) to pounds (avoirdupois)
of water at 60F to of water at 60 F
Grains to drams (avoirdupois)
Grains to grams
Grams to drams (avoirdupois)
Grams to grains
Grams to ounces (avoirdupois)
Grams to pounds (avoirdupois)
Horsepower to btu (mean)/hour
Horsepower to calories, kg (mean/min)
Horsepower to kilowatts
Inches (U.S.) to centimeters
Inches (U.S.) to millimeters
Joules (abs) to calories, gram (mean)
Joules (abs) to ergs
Kilograms to pounds (avoirdupois)
Kilowatts (abs) to btu (mean)/hour
Liters to cubic centimeters
Liters to gallons (U.S.)
Liters to ounces (U.S. fluid)
Liters to pints (U.S. liquid)
Meters to feet (U.S.)
Meters to inches (U.S.)
Microns to centimeters
Microns to inches
Miles/hour to centimeters/second
Miles/hour to feet/second
Milligrams to grains
Milligrams to ounces (avoirdupois)
Milligrams to pounds (avoirdupois)
Milliliters to cubic centimeters
Milliliters to ounces (U.S. fluid)
Milliliters to pints (U.S. liquid)
Ounces (U.S. fluid) to gallons (U.S.)
Ounces (U.S. fluid) to liters
Ounces (U.S. fluid) to milliliters
Pints (U.S. liquid) to cubic centimeters
Pints (U.S. liquid) to cubic inches
Pints (U.S. liquid) to liters
Pounds (avoirdupois) to grains
Pounds (avoirdupois) to grams
Pounds (avoirdupois) to pounds (troy)
Pounds of water (39.2 F) to gallons (U.S.)
Quarts (U.S. liquid) to cubic centimeters
Quarts (U.S. liquid) to liters
Square centimeters to square inches (U.S.)