List of youth organizations

Agents of Change (AoC) (US)
AIESEC (Worldwide)
Air Training Corps (UK)
Aleph Zadik Aleph (Int)
Amigos de las Americas (Int)
Armenian Youth Federation (Worldwide)
Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions (ASFAR)
Article 12
American Youth Congress Historical
American Youth Hostels
Army Cadet Force
Australian Air League
B'nai B'rith Girls (Int)
B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (Int)
Bnei Akiva (Int)
Big Brothers (US)
Big Sisters (US)
Boys and Girls Clubs of America (US)
The Boys & Girls Aid (US)
Boys' Brigade
Boy Scouts of America (US)
British Columbia Youth Parliament (Canada)
Bangladesh Manipuri Young Association
Beyond Borders International (South Asian, based in Sri Lanka)
Camp Fire USA (US)
Children of the American Revolution
China Youth Corps (Taiwan)
Chiro (Belgium)
Christian Democratic Youth League (Sweden)
Christian Service Brigade (US/Canada)
Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade
Citizen Science (US)
Civil Air Patrol
Coptic Orphans
Company of Young Canadians Historical
Centre of Talented Youth Ireland
DeMolay International
European Youth Parliament (Europe)
Euzko Gaztedi Basque nationalist Party youth wing Basque Country (Spain/Europe)
European Youth Forum
European Free Alliance Youth
First Priority
FreeWays LGB Youth Group (UK)
(Fundacion Dominicana Multicultural) (Dominican Republic)
Girls' Brigade
Girl Scouts of the USA (US)
Global Youth Action Network
Generation Peace Youth Network Gen Peace (Philippines)
Generation YES
Green Youth
G&Y LGBT Youth Group (UK)
Habonim Dror (International)
Habonim Dror Australia
Hakfar Hayarok
Hip Hop 4 Life
Hip-Hop Association
Ilm-o-adab Foundation (IAF) (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
Degree of Anona (US)
Degree of Hiawatha (US)
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
International Union of Socialist Youth
International Student/Young Pugwash
International Youth Service (IYS) (Finland)
Ireli Countrywide Youth Movement (Azerbaijan) Disbanded
Ikusasa Lethu Youth Foundation (IYF) (Republic Of South Africa)
Indian committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) (India)
International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA)
International Entrepreneurs Association,United Kingdom - Youth Chapter (Worldwide)
Job's Daughters International
Junior Achievement
Junior State of America aka Junior Statesmen of America (US)
Just Think Youth Media Educators (US)
Kurdistan Youth Empowerment Organization (KYEO)(kurdistan-iraq)
Learn and Serve America
Multicultural Council of America (US)
National Youth Association (US)
National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
North American Federation of Temple Youth
National Youth Leadership Council
National Youth Rights Association (US)
National Service Learning Partnership
Not Back to School Camp
National Youth Administration Historical
National Commission on Resources for Youth Historical
The Newsboys Strike Historical
New Generation (UK but also international)
Nigeria Intellectual Youth Movement
National Centre for Integrated Youth Research and Development (NCIYRD) - Kenya
National Cadet Corps (Singapore)
National Police Cadet Corps(Singapore)
National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (Singapore)
Ontario Youth Parliament (Canada)
Opportunity Youth (UK/NI)
Oxfam International Youth Partnerships
Ógra Fianna Fáil (Ireland)
Partners of America
Parlement Jeunesse du Québec (Canada)
Pakistan Youth Organisation (PYO) (Pakistan)
PDMU (Mexico)
Pioneer Boys & Girls (USA) their web site
Pioneer Movement (Communist countries)
Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) (Chandigarh, India)
Pakistan Youth Organisation (PYO)
Project Q (Milwaukee)
Project:Senso Ltd - Young Senso initiative (Singapore, Malaysia)
Radical Youth
Roosevelt Institution
Royal Canadian Army Cadets
Royal Rangers
Raleigh International
Red Cross Youth (Singapore)
Socialist Youth
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) (US)
Saskatchewan Youth Parliament
Girl Scouts/Girl Guides
Boy Scouts
Cub Scouts
Venture Scouts
Explorer Scouts
Rover Scouts
Stepanavan Youth Center (Armenia)
Sierra Student Coalition (US)
Snowboard Outreach Society (US)
SpiralScouts (US)
Student Pugwash USA (US)
Students for a Democratic Society (US)
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
St. John Ambulance (Badgers/Cadets) (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand)
S.P.E.C Christian Youth Organisation (UK)
Supporting Our Youth - SOY (CA)
SustainUS (US)
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
SDLP Youth
Swing Kids Historical
Students for a Democratic Society Historical
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Historical
Students' Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) (Chandigarh, India)
Student Union of Khazar University(AZ)
Sri Lanka Youth Parliament
Taking Children Seriously
Tamil Youth Organization (Canada)
Tbilisi Youth City Assembly
The Resource Foundation (Latin America)
TIPSA- Teenagers Involved in Protecting Selves around Alcohol
TUXIS Parliament of Alberta (Canada)
Trips for Kids Metro DC (US)
Tracks Trust (New Zealand)
The U-18 Movement (USA)
United World Education Campaign “Youth with a mission can change the face of the planet”
Volunteers Public Organization(Azerbaijan) Disbanded
Vibewire Youth Arts and Media (Australia)
The Woodcraft Folk (UK)
World Association of Young Scientists
Western Canada Youth Parliament (Canada)
World Esperanto Youth Organisation (TEJO)
World Federation of Democratic Youth
World Scout Committee
World Youth Alliance
Youth Integrational Association – Youth InterAction “YIArt” Art & Culture
Youth Liberation of Ann Arbor Historical
Youth Empowerment America (US)
Youth Radio (US)
YMCA Youth and Government (US)
Youth United
Young Americans for Freedom (US)
Young Communist League, UK (UK)
Young Communist League, USA (US)
Young European Socialists (Europe)
Young Gunmen (Lithuania)
Young Inventors International
Young Life
Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (US & Canada)
Youth Action Network (UK)
Youth Action for Pakistan (Pakistan)
YEE|Youth Environment Europe (Europe)
Youth Federation for World Peace (Intl)
Youth for Human Rights International
Youth of Generation (UK)
Youth Parliament of Manitoba (Canada)
Young People's Socialist League (US)
Youth Initiative (Nepal)
Youths On The Move International
Youth Assisting Youth
Youth for Equality
Youth Organization for Protecting Wildlife (US)
Youth Link Movement
Youth Service America
Youth On Board
Youth Activism Project
Youth Rights Media
Youth Unity for Voluntary Action YUVA, Madhubani, Bihar, (India)
Youth Taking Action (Intl)
Youth Initiative For the Srednogorie Region
Youth United INDIA
Youth Development and Voluntary Work Association (Palestine)
Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice
Youth Movement for Better Acoje