List of selected learned socities

Association of Ancient Historians (International)
Australasian Experimental Psychology Society (International)
Australasian Law Teachers Association (International)
Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society (International)
Concrete Society (International)
Chinese Music Society of North America (International)
European Federation of National Engineering Associations (International)
European Mathematical Society (International)
Federation of Europeans Biochemical Societies (International)
Human Behavior and Evolution Society (International)
International Academy for the Promotion of Historical Studies (International)
International Association of Amateur Heralds (International)
International Association for Applied Psychology (International)
International Association for Research in Economic Psychology (International)
International Association of Project & Program Management (International)
International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (International)
International Council for Science (International)
International Council of Onomastic Sciences (International)
International Film Music Society (International)
International Plutarch Society (International)
International Social Science Council (International)
International Society of Critical Health Psychology (International)
International Society of Greek and Roman Epigraphy (International)
International Union of Psychological Science (International)
Latin American Studies Association (International)
Lean Leadership Institute (International)
Mommsen-Gesellschaft (International)
Society for Animation Studies (International)
Union Académique Internationale (International)
Australian Society for Educational Technology Society home (Australia)
Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union [1] (Australia)
Royal Australian Historical Society Official website (Australia)
Royal Australian Chemical Institute (Australia)
Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (Belgium)
Brazilian Academy of Sciences (Brazil)
National Academy of Medicine (Brazil)
Brazilian Academy of Letters (Brazil)
Brazilian Society of Physiology (Brazil)
Brazilian Society for Health Informatics (Brazil)
Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (Brazil)
Brazilian Medical Association (Brazil)
Acfas (Canada)
Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Canada)
Canadian Information Processing Society (Canada)
Canadian Linguistics Association (Canada)
Canadian Political Science Association (Canada)
Canadian Society of Medievalists (Canada)
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Canada)
Statistical Society of Canada (Canada)
Three cross-discplinary societies (Finland)
Federation Of Finnish learned societies (Finland)
Acoustical Society of Finland (Finland)
Actuarial Society of Finland (Finland)
Adult Education Research Society (Finland)
Archaeological Society of Finland (Finland)
Architectural Society (Finland)
Association for Military History in Finland (Finland)
Association for Women's Studies in Finland (Finland)
Association of Electrical Engineers in Finland (Finland)
Association of Finnish Civil Engineers (Finland)
Association of Finnish Chemical Societies (Finland)
Association of Finnish Ethnologists Ethnos (Finland)
BirdLife Finland (Finland)
Biological Society of Finland Vanamo (Finland)
Brain Research Society of Finland (Finland)
Building Information Foundation RTS (Finland)
Cartographic Society of Finland (Finland)
Chemical Society of Finland (Finland)
Classical Association of Finland (Finland)
Concrete Association of Finland (Finland)
Curly Birch Society (Finland)
Deutscher Bibliotheksverein (Finland)
Economic History Society in Finland (Finland)
Economic Society of Finland (Finland)
Engineering Society in Finland (Finland)
Entomological Society of Finland (Finland)
Entomological Society of Helsingfors (Finland)
Excellence Finland (Finland)
Finnish Academy of Technology (Finland)
Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society (Finland)
Finnish Anthropological Society (Finland)
Finnish Antiquarian Society (Finland)
Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (Finland)
Finnish Association for Administrative Studies (Finland)
Finnish Association for Aerosol Research (Finland)
Finnish Association of Co-operative Studies (Finland)
Finnish Association for Industrial Property Rights (Finland)
Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK (Finland)
Finnish Association for Legal and Social Science (Finland)
Finnish Association for Local Government Studies (Finland)
Finnish Association for Maritime History (Finland)
Finnish Association for Mass Communication Research (Finland)
Finnish Association for Medical Law and Ethics (Finland)
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Finland)
Finnish Association for Real Estate Valuation (Finland)
Finnish Association for Russian and East European Studies (Finland)
Finnish Association for Structural Mechanics (Finland)
Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (Finland)
Finnish Association of Architects (Finland)
Finnish Association of Consumer Research (Finland)
Finnish Association of East Asian Studies (Finland)
Finnish Association of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (Finland)
Finnish Association of Municipal Engineering (Finland)
Finnish Association of Nursing Research (Finland)
Finnish Association of Occupational Physicians (Finland)
Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists (Finland)
Finnish Astronomical Society (Finland)
Finnish Bryological Society (Finland)
Finnish Cardiac Society (Finland)
Finnish Chemical Society (Finland)
Finnish Commission of Military History (Finland)
Finnish Demographic Society (Finland)
Finnish Dendrological Society (Finland)
Finnish Dental Society Apollonia (Finland)
Finnish Economic Association (Finland)
Finnish Educational Research Association (Finland)
Finnish Egyptological Society (Finland)
Finnish Exegetical Society (Finland)
Finnish Farmacological Society (Finland)
Finnish Folklore Society (Finland)
Finnish Forest History Society (Finland)
Finnish Geotechnical Society (Finland)
Finnish Historical Society (Finland)
Finnish International Studies Association FISA (Finland)
Finnish Labour Relations Association (Finland)
Finnish Language Society (Finland)
Finnish Lawyers' Association (Finland)
Finnish Lepidopterologist Society (Finland)
Finnish Limnological Society (Finland)
Finnish Literary Research Society (Finland)
Finnish Literature Society (Finland)
Finnish Mathematical Society (Finland)
Finnish Medical Society Duodecim (Finland)
Finnish Mycological Society (Finland)
Finnish National Section of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (Finland)
Finnish Neurological Association (Finland)
Finnish Nuclear Society (Finland)
Finnish Operations Research Society (Finland)
Finnish Optical Society (Finland)
Finnish Oriental Society (Finland)
Finnish Peace Research Association (Finland)
Finnish Peatland Society (Finland)
Finnish Pharmaceutical Society (Finland)
Finnish Physiological Society (Finland)
Finnish Physical Society (Finland)
Finnish Political Science Association (Finland)
Finnish Psychiatric Association (Finland)
Finnish Psycho-Analytical Society (Finland)
Finnish Psychological Society (Finland)
Finnish Research Library Association (Finland)
Finnish Skeptics' Association (Finland)
Finnish Scholarly Association of Management (Finland)
Finnish Society for Aesthetics (Finland)
Finnish Society for Agricultural Law (Finland)
Finnish Society for Byzantine Studies (Finland)
Finnish Society for Celtic Studies (Finland)
Finnish Society for Cinema Studies (Finland)
Finnish Society for Computer Science (Finland)
Finnish Society for Economic Research (Finland)
Finnish Society for Environmental Sciences (Finland)
Finnish Society for Environmental Law (Finland)
Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science (Finland)
Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology (Finland)
Finnish Society for Future Studies (Finland)
Finnish Society for Growth and Aging Research (Finland)
Finnish Society for Health Economics (Finland)
Finnish Society for Labour and Social Security Law (Finland)
Finnish Society for Labour History and Cultural Traditions (Finland)
Finnish Society for Medical Physics and Medical Engineering (Finland)
Finnish Society for Medieval Archaeology (Finland)
Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy (Finland)
Finnish Society for Nutrition Research (Finland)
Finnish Society for Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (Finland)
Finnish Society for Philosophy of Medicine (Finland)
Finnish Society for Research in Sport and Physical Education (Finland)
Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies (Finland)
Finnish Society for Scientific Information (Finland)
Finnish Society for Sport History (Finland)
Finnish Society for the History of Medicine (Finland)
Finnish Society for the History of Science and Learning (Finland)
Finnish Society for the History of Technology (Finland)
Finnish Society for the Study of Infectious Diseases (Finland)
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion (Finland)
Finnish Society for Tribology (Finland)
Finnish Society for Urban Studies (Finland)
Finnish Society of Automation (Finland)
Finnish Society of Chemical Engineers (Finland)
Finnish Society of Church History (Finland)
Finnish Society of Clinical Chemistry (Finland)
Finnish Society of Clinical Pharmacology (Finland)
Finnish Society of Dairy Science (Finland)
Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology (Finland)
Finnish Society of Forest Science (Finland)
Finnish Society of Military Science (Finland)
Finnish Society of Nuclear Medicine (Finland)
Finnish Society of Pathology (Finland)
Finnish Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Finland)
Finnish Society of School History (Finland)
Finnish Society of Soil Sciences (Finland)
Finnish Society of Surveying Sciences (Finland)
Finnish Society of Toxicology (Finland)
Finnish Society of Urban Planning (Finland)
Finnish Statistical Society (Finland)
Finnish Surgical Society (Finland)
Finnish Theological Literature Society (Finland)
Finnish Veterinary Association (Finland)
Finno-Ugrian Society (Finland)
Foundation Institutum Romanum Finlandiae (Finland)
Foundation of the Finnish Institute at Athens (Finland)
Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East (Finland)
Föreningen för nordisk filologi (Finland)
Genealogical Society of Finland (Finland)
Geographical Society of Finland (Finland)
Geographical Society of Northern Finland (Finland)
Geological Society of Finland (Finland)
Geophysical Society of Finland (Finland)
Glossa - Keskiajan tutkimuksen seura (Finland)
Heraldry Society of Finland (Finland)
Historical Association (Finland)
Historial Society in Oulu (Finland)
Historical Society in Ĺbo (Finland)
Historical Society of Tampere (Finland)
ICOMOS Finnish National Committee (Finland)
International Fiscal Association (Finland)
Ius Gentium Association (Finland)
Juridiska Föreningen i Finland (Finland)
Kalevala Society (Finland)
Kuopio Naturalists' Society (Finland)
Linguistic Association of Finland (Finland)
Luther-Agricola Society (Finland)
Medical Society of Finland (Finland)
Mineralogical Society of Finland (Finland)
Modern Language Society (Finland)
Musicological Society of Finland (Finland)
Nature Conservation Society of South-West Häme (Finland)
Nordenskiöld Society in Finland (Finland)
Nordic Road Association (Finland)
Ornithological Society of Helsinki and Western Uusimaa Tringa (Finland)
Pattern Recognition Society of Finland (Finland)
Physical Society in Finland (Finland)
Philosophical Society of Finland (Finland)
Plant Protection Society in Finland (Finland)
Porthan Society (Finland)
Pohjoismaiden Maataloustutkijain Yhdistys (Finland)
Research Society of Lapland (Finland)
Turku Historical Society (Finland)
Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland (Finland)
Semiotic Society of Finland (Finland)
Social Policy Association in Finland (Finland)
Societas biochemica (Finland)
Societas Genetica Fennica (Finland)
Societas Gerontologica Fennica (Finland)
Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica (Finland)
Society for Art History in Finland (Finland)
Society for Regional and Environmental Studies (Finland)
Society for Research on Voluntary Associations and Pressure Groups (Finland)
Society for the Study of Finnish (Finland)
Society of Finnish Archivists (Finland)
Society of Finnish Slavists (Finland)
Society of the Friends of History (Finland)
Society of Scientific Hypnosis in Finland (Finland)
Society of Social and Economic Research in the Universities of Turku (Finland)
Society of Social Medicine in Finland (Finland)
Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (Finland)
Sponsoring Association of Nursing Research Institute (Finland)
Sosiaalityön tutkimuksen seura (Finland)
Suomen Kriminalistiyhdistys (Finland)
Suomen Nuorisopsykiatrinen Yhdistys (Finland)
Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland (Finland)
Swedish Historical Society in Finland (Finland)
Swedish Society of School History in Finland (Finland)
Teologinen Julkaisuseura (Finland)
Ursa Astronomical Association (Finland)
Water Association Finland (Finland)
The Westermarck Society (Finland)
Youth Research Society (Finland)
Zoological and Botanical Society of Turku (Finland)
The 5 académies of the Institut de France: (France)
Académie des beaux-arts (France)
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (France)
Académie des sciences morales et politiques (France)
Académie des sciences (France)
Académie française (France)
Académie des technologies (France)
Accademia dei Concordi (Italy)
Accademia dei Lincei (Italy)
Accademia dei XL (Italy)
Accademia della Crusca (Italy)
Accademia delle Scienze (Italy)
Accademia di Agricoltura (Italy)
Accademia di Santa Cecilia (Italy)
Accademia di Scienze (Italy)
Accademia Virgiliana (Italy)
Tokyo Geographical Society (Japan)
Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand (New Zealand)
Legal Research Foundation (New Zealand)
Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand (New Zealand)
Royal Society of New Zealand (New Zealand)
Society for Art History in Switzerland (Switzerland)
Academy of Saint Cecilia (United Kingdom)
Anthropological Society of London (United Kingdom)
Aristotelian Society (United Kingdom)
Association for Learning Technology (United Kingdom)
Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (United Kingdom)
Biochemical Society (United Kingdom)
British Academy of Management (United Kingdom)
British Academy of Music (United Kingdom)
British Archaeological Association (United Kingdom)
British Association for the Advancement of Science (United Kingdom)
British Society of Aesthetics (United Kingdom)
British Computer Society (United Kingdom)
British Institute of International and Comparative Law (United Kingdom)
British Interplanetary Society (United Kingdom)
British Kinematograph (United Kingdom)
British Psychological Society (United Kingdom)
British Society for the History of Science (United Kingdom)
British Society for the Philosophy of Science (United Kingdom)
Burgon Society (United Kingdom)
Cambridge Society for the Application of Research (United Kingdom)
Chartered Society of Designers (United Kingdom)
Classical Association (United Kingdom)
Concrete Society (United Kingdom)
Edinburgh Geological Society (United Kingdom)
Edinburgh Mathematical Society (United Kingdom)
English Place-Name Society (United Kingdom)
Ergonomics Society (United Kingdom)
Ethnological Society of London (United Kingdom)
Experimental Psychology Society (United Kingdom)
Genetics Society (United Kingdom)
Geological Society of London (United Kingdom)
Guild of Musicians and Singers (United Kingdom)
Heraldry Society (United Kingdom)
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (United Kingdom)
Institute of Physics (United Kingdom)
Institution of Highways and Transportation (United Kingdom)
Linnean Society of London (United Kingdom)
London Mathematical Society (United Kingdom)
Mind Association (United Kingdom)
Newcomen Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Academy of Arts (United Kingdom)
Royal Academy of Engineering (United Kingdom)
Royal Aeronautical Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (United Kingdom)
Royal Archaeological Institute (United Kingdom)
Royal Asiatic Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Astronomical Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Entomological Society of London (United Kingdom)
Royal Geographical Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Historical Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Institution of Great Britain (United Kingdom)
Royal Manchester Institution (United Kingdom)
Royal Meteorological Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Numismatic Society (United Kingdom)
Royal Society for Asian Affairs (United Kingdom)
Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts (United Kingdom)
Royal Society of Chemistry (United Kingdom)
Royal Society of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge (United Kingdom)
Royal Society of Literature (United Kingdom)
Royal Statistical Society (United Kingdom)
Selden Society (United Kingdom)
Society for Experimental Biology (United Kingdom)
Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies (United Kingdom)
Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies (United Kingdom)
Society of Antiquaries of London (United Kingdom)
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (United Kingdom)
Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain (United Kingdom)
Society of Legal Scholars (United Kingdom)
Stonebridge Associated Colleges Association (United Kingdom)
Zoological Society of London (United Kingdom)
See also: Category:Fellows of learned societies of the United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (United States)
American Academy of Arts & Sciences (United States)
American Antiquarian Society (United States)
American Council of Learned Societies (United States)
American Philological Association (United States)
American Chemical Society (United States)
Archaeological Institute of America (United States)
Modern Language Association (United States)
American Historical Association (United States)
American Economic Association (United States)
Geological Society of America (United States)
American Philosophical Association (United States)
Classical Association of the Middle West and South (United States)
Classical Association of New England (United States)
Classical Association of the Atlantic States (United States)
College Art Association (United States)
Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (United States)
American Classical League (United States)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (United States)
American Dialect Society (United States)
American Geophysical Union (United States)
American Heraldry Society (United States)
American Mathematical Society (United States)
American Meteorological Society (United States)
American Name Society (United States)
American Psychological Association (United States)
American Psychological Society (United States)
American Psychology-Law Society (United States)
American Society for Aesthetics (United States)
American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (United States)
American Statistical Association (United States)
Animal Behavior Society (United States)
Association of American Geographers (United States)
Georgia Political Science Association (United States)
Linguistic Society of America (United States)
Lean Leadership Institute (United States)
National Geographic Society (United States)
Psychonomic Society (United States)
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (United States)
Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (United States)
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (United States)
Society for Personality and Social Psychology (United States)
Society of American Foresters (United States)
Society of Architectural Historians (United States)
Society of Biblical Literature (United States)
Society of Experimental Social Psychology (United States)
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (United States)
Society of Woman Geographers (United States)