List of United States Navy Hull Classifications

Crane Ship (AB)
Collier (AC)
Armored Cruiser (pre-1920) (ACR)
Auxiliary Crane Ship (ACS)
Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier (Escort carrier) (1942) (ACV)
Destroyer Tender (AD)
Ammunition Ship (AE)
Ammunition Ship, Missile (retired) (AEM)
Refrigerated ship (AF)
Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock (AFDB)
Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock (AFDL)
Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock (AFDM)
Combat Stores Ship (AFS)
Miscellaneous Auxiliary (AG)
Icebreaker (AGB)
Degaussing Ship (AGD)
Testing Ocean Escort (AGDE)
Deep Submergence Support Ship (AGDS)
General Purpose Experimental Ship (AGE = Auxiliary General Experimental) (AGE)
Environmental Research Ship (AGER)
Miscellaneous Command Ship (AGF)
Testing Frigate (AGFF)
Intelligence Collecting Ship (AGI)
Missile Range Instrumentation Ship (AGM)
Oceanographic Research Ship (AGOR)
Ocean Surveillance Ship (AGOS)
Patrol Craft Tender (AGP)
Radar Picket Ship (retired) (AGR)
Surveying Ship (AGS)
Auxiliary Submarine (AGSS)
Technical research ship (AGTR)
Hospital ship (AH)
Medical Evacuation Ship (AHP)
Cargo Ship (AK)
Attack Cargo Ship (AKA)
Underway Replenishment Dry [[|Cargo ship|Cargo Ship]] (AKE)
Float-on/Float-off (flo-flo) Ship (AKF)
Vehicle Cargo Ship (AKR)
Store Issue Ship (AKS)
Minesweeper (AM)
Harbor Minesweeper (AMb)
Coastal Minesweeper (AMc)
Underwater Mine Locater (AMCU)
Net Laying Ship (AN)
Fleet Oiler (AO)
Fast Combat Support Ship (AOE)
Gasoline Tanker (AOG)
Replenishment Oiler (AOR)
Specialized Oiler/Tanker (AOS)
Submarine Oiler (retired) (AOSS)
Transport/Storage Oiler (AOT)
Transport (AP)
Attack Transport (APA)
Self-Propelled Barracks Ship (APB)
High Speed Transport (APD)
Ambulance Transport (APH)
Barracks Craft (APL)
Minelaying Submarine (retired) (APS)
Transport Submarine (retired) (APSS)
Repair Ship (AR)
Cable Repair Ship (ARC)
Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock (ARD)
Medium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock (ARDM)
Small Repair Ship (ARL)
Salvage Ship (ARS)
Submarine tender (AS)
Submarine Rescue Ship (ASR)
Transport Submarine (retired) (ASSP)
Ocean Going Tug (AT)
Auxiliary Ocean Tug (ATA)
Fleet Ocean Tug (ATF)
Salvage and Rescue Ship (ATS)
Aviation Logistics Support Ship (AVB)
Seaplane Tender Destroyer (retired) (AVD)
Auxiliary Aircraft Ferry (Escort carrier) (1941-2) (AVG)
Seaplane Tender (AVP)
Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship (AVT)
Distilling Ship (AW)
Water Tanker (AWT)
Airship Tender (retired) (AZ)
Battleship (pre-1920) (B)
Battleship (BB)
Monitor (retired) (BM)
Cruiser (pre-1920 Protected Cruisers and Peace Cruisers) (C)
(first series) Cruiser (retired, composed all surviving pre-1920 Protected and Peace Cruisers) (CA)
(second series) Heavy Cruiser, category later renamed Gun Cruiser (retired) (CA)
Heavy Cruiser, Guided Missile (retired) (CAG)
Large cruiser (retired) (CB)
Large Command Cruiser (retired, never used operationally) (CBC)
Battlecruiser (retired, never used operationally) (CC)
(second usage) Command Cruiser (retired); cruiser (CC)
Guided Missile Cruiser (CG)
Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear-Propulsion) (CGN)
Light Cruiser (retired) (CL)
Antiaircraft Cruiser (retired) (CLAA)
Light Cruiser, Guided Missile (retired) (CLG)
Light Cruiser, Guided Missile (Nuclear propulsion) (retired) (CLGN)
Hunter-Killer Cruiser (abolished 1951) (CLK)
Minelayer (CM)
Coastal Minelayer (CMc)
Scout Cruiser (retired) (CS)
Strike Cruiser (Proposed, never used operationally. (CSGN)
Aircraft Carrier (CV)
Attack Aircraft Carrier (retired) (CVA)
Large Aircraft Carrier (category merged into CVA, 1952) (CVB)
Escort aircraft carrier (retired) (1943-retirement of type) (CVE)
Escort Aircraft Carrier, Helicopter (retired) (CVHE)
Light aircraft carrier (retired) (CVL)
Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear-Propulsion) (CVN)
Antisubmarine Aircraft Carrier (retired) (CVS)
Training Aircraft Carrier (changed to AVT (Auxiliary)) (CVT)
Utility Aircraft Carrier (retired) (CVU)
Destroyer (pre-1920) (D)
Destroyer (DD)
Escort destroyer (category abolished 1962) (DDE)
Guided missile destroyer (DDG)
Hunter-Killer Destroyer (category merged into DDE, 4 March 1950) (DDK)
Radar Picket Destroyer (retired) (DDR)
Destroyer Escort (World War II, later became Ocean Escort) (DE)
Ocean Escort (abolished 30 June 1975) (DE)
Guided Missile Ocean Escort (abolished 30 June 1975) (DEG)
Radar Picket Destroyer Escort (abolished 30 June 1975) (DER)
Destroyer Leader (later Frigate) (retired) (DL)
Guided Missile Frigate (abolished 30 June 1975) (DLG)
Guided Missile Frigate (Nuclear-Propulsion) (abolished 30 June 1975) (DLGN)
Destroyer Minelayer (retired) (DM)
Destroyer Minesweeper (retired) (DM)
Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV)
Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV)
Frigate (retired) (FF)
Guided Missile Frigate (FFG)
Radar Picket Frigate (retired) (FFR)
Frigate (Reserve Training) (retired) (FFT)
Corvette (FS)
Unclassified Miscellaneous Unit (IX)
Unclassified Miscellaneous Submarine (IXSS)
Landing Craft, Air Cushioned (LCAC)
Amphibious Command Ship (LCC)
Landing Craft, Heavy (LCH)
Landing Craft, Infantry (Large) (LCIL)
Landing Craft, Mechanized (LCM)
Landing Craft, Personnel (LCP)
Landing Craft, Personnel, Air-Cushioned (LCPA)
Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)
Landing Craft, Support (Large) (World War II era) (LCSL)
Landing Craft, Tank (World War II era) (LCT)
Landing Craft, Utility (LCU)
Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel (LCVP)
Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose) (LHA)
Amphibious Assault Ship (Multi-Purpose, i.e. added Landing Craft ability versus LHA) (LHD)
Amphibious Cargo Ship (out of commission) (LKA)
Landing Platform, Amphibious (LPA)
Amphibious Transport, Dock (aka Landing Platform, Dock) (LPD)
Landing Platform, Helicopter (out of commission) (LPH)
Amphibious Transport Submarine (retired) (LPSS)
Landing Ship, Dock (LSD)
Landing Ship, Heavy (LSH)
Landing Ship, Infantry (Large) (formerly LCIL) (LSIL)
Landing Ship, Logistics (LSL)
Landing Ship, Medium (LSM)
Landing Ship, Support (Large) (formerly LCSL) (LSSL)
Landing Ship, Tank (LST)
Landing Ship Vehicle (LSV)
Mine Countermeasures Ship (MCM)
Mine Countermeasures Support Ship (MCS)
Minehunter, Coastal (MHC)
Mine Hunter Inshore (MHI)
Minesweeper - Ocean (MSO)
Submersible Research Vehicle (NR)
Patrol boat (PB)
Patrol boat, River (PBR)
Coastal Patrol, originally Sub Chaser (PC)
Patrol Escort (PCE)
Vietnam Swift boat (PCF)
Eagle boat of World War I (PE)
World War II frigate, based on British River class. (PF)
Original designation of USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7) (PFG)
Gunboat, later Patrol combatant (PG)
Patrol Combatant, Hydrofoil (PGH)
Patrol, Hydrofoil Missile (PHM)
Motor Torpedo Boat (World War II) (PT)
Cruiser Submarine (retired) (SC)
Fleet Submarine (retired) (SF)
Submarine Minelayer (retired) (SM)
Shore Patrol (SP)
Attack Submarine (Diesel-Electric Power)[1] (SS)
Auxiliary/Cargo Submarine (Diesel-Electric Power) (SSA)
Auxiliary/Cargo Submarine (Nuclear Power) (SSAN)
Ballistic Missile Submarine (Diesel Electric Power) (SSB)
Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) (SSBN)
Coastal Submarine (Diesel-Electric Power), over 150 tons (SSC)
Guided Missile Submarine (Diesel-Electric Power) (SSG)
Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) (SSGN)
Attack Submarine (Diesel Air-Independent Propulsion)[2] (SSI)
Hunter-Killer/ASW Submarine (retired)[3] (SSK)
Midget Submarine, under 150 tons (SSM)
Attack Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) (SSN)
Submarine Oiler (retired) (SSO)
Attack Submarine (Diesel Air-Independent Power) (alternate use), formerly Submarine Transport (SSP)
Auxiliary Submarine, Communications (retired) (SSQ)
Auxiliary Submarine, Communications (Nuclear-Powered)(retired)[4] (SSQN)
Radar Picket Submarine (retired) (SSR)
Radar Picket Submarine (Nuclear-Powered) (retired) (SSRN)
Training Submarine (Diesel-Electric Power) (SST)
United States Coast Guard (W)
Submersible Craft (X)
Jan 2008YC (YO 260 at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard)
Car Float (YCF)
Aircraft Transportation Lighter (YCV)
Floating Crane (YD)
Diving Tender (YDT)
Covered Lighter (YF)
Ferry Boat or Launch (YFB)
Yard Floating Dry Dock (YFD)
Covered Lighter (non-self propelled) (YFN)
Large Covered Lighter (non-self propelled) (YFNB)
Dry Dock Companion Craft (non-self propelled) (YFND)
Lighter (Special purpose) (non-self propelled) (YFNX)
Floating Power Barge (YFP)
Refrigerated Cover Lighter (YFR)
Refrigerated Covered Lighter (non-self propelled) (YFRN)
Range Tender (YFRT)
Harbor Utility Craft (YFU)
Garbage Lighter (YG)
Garbage Lighter (non-self propelled) (YGN)
Salvage Lift Craft (YLC)
Dredge (YM)
Dredge (non-self propelled) (YMN)
Gate Craft (YNG)
Net Tender (YNT)
Fuel Oil Barge (YO)
Gasoline Barge (YOG)
Gasoline Barge (non-self propelled) (YOGN)
Fuel Oil Barge (non-self propelled) (YON)
Oil Storage Barge (YOS)
Patrol Craft, Training (YP)
Floating Pile Driver (YPD)
Floating Workshop (YR)
Repair and Berthing Barge (YRB)
Repair, Berthing and Messing Barge (YRBM)
Floating Dry Dock Workshop (Hull) (YRDH)
Floating Dry Dock Workshop (Machine) (YRDM)
Radiological Repair Barge (YRR)
Salvage Craft Tender (YRST)
Seaplane Wrecking Derrick (YSD)
Sludge Removal Barge (YSR)
Harbor Tug (craft later assigned YTB, YTM, or YTM classifications) (YT)
Large Harbor Tug (YTB)
Small Harbor Tug (YTL)
Medium Harbor Tug (YTM)
Torpedo Trials Craft (YTT)
Water Barge (YW)
Water Barge (non-self propelled) (YWN)
Airship Metal Clad (ZMC)
G-Class Blimp (ZNN-G)
J-Class Blimp (ZNN-J)
L-Class Blimp (ZNN-L)
K-Class Blimp (ZNP-K)
M-Class Blimp (ZNP-M)
N-Class Blimp (ZNP-N)
surveillance patrol blimp (ZPG-3W)
Rigid Airship (ZR)
Rigid Airship (ZRS)