List of Television Game Show Hosts

American Gladiators (1989-96)
Back That Fact (1953)
Game Na, Game Na! (1994-96), Family Feud (2001-03), Da Big Show (2008-present)
Personality Puzzle (1953), What's Your Bid (1953), Can Do (1956)
Party Time at Club Roma (1950-51), About Faces (1960-61)
I've Got a Secret (1964-67)
Friday Night Games (2006)
Battle of the Ages (1952)
The Better Sex (1977-78), Fandango (1983-89)
Mastermind, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, If I Ruled the World
Family Feud (1999-2002)
What's My Line? (1951-62)
Liar's Club (1976-77)
The Book Quiz (2007)
Anybody Can Play (1958)
Family Feud, Sale of the Century (1980-91), Jeopardy! (1992), Wheel of Fortune (1996)
Truth or Consequences (1956-74), The Family Game (1967), The Price Is Right (1972-2007)
A Question of Sport (1997-present)
The Gong Show (1976-80)
The Hubert Groove (1982-86)
Strike It Lucky, My Kind of Music
Wheel of Fortune (1989)
The Master (2006-)
Jep! (1998)
Hollywood Squares (1998-2004), Dancing with the Stars (2005- )
The Einstein Factor (2005-present)
Blind Date (1985-2003)
Liar's Club (1988)
All-Star Anything Goes (1977)
Starface (2006)
Balderdash (2004-05)
Cash en Carlo (2002-2005), Staatsloterij Live!
Don't Forget the Lyrics (2007-)
Family Feud (1989-95)
Across the Board (1959)
Name That Video (2001-02)
Finder Keepers (1991-98)
Love Connection (1998-1999), Card Sharks (2001)
Wheel of Fortune, Burgo's Catch Phrase
The Krypton Factor, A Word in Your Ear
Tic Tac Dough (1985-86), Top Card (1989-91).
Wheel of Fortune
Anyone Can Win (1953)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1998-2003) The Power Of 10 (2007-), The Price Is Right (2007-)
Distraction, 8 Out of 10 Cats
Think Fast! (1989)
Earn Your Vacation (1954), Who Do You Trust? (1957-62)
One in a Million (2006-08)
Trump Card (1990-91)
Battle of the Brains (1992-2000)
American Gladiators (1995-96)
100 Grand (1963), Dealer's Choice (1974-75), The Cross-Wits (1975-80)
University Challenge
Make A Face (1961-62), Concentration (1969-73)
Money Maze (1974-75)
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (1998-99)
Catchword (1988-95)
Sex Wars (2000-01)
Have a Go, Blind Taste (1997)
Family Feud/The New Family Feud Challenge (1988-94)
Are You Positive (1952)
Tattletales (1974-78 1982-85), Super Password (1984-89), Win, Lose or Draw (US) (1987-89)
The Mole (2001-2002)
You Bet Your Life (1992-93)
Australia's Brainiest Kid (2004)
Talk About (1989-90)
Stars in Their Eyes, The Price is Right
American Gladiators (1990-93)
2Phat, Blackboard Jungle, Test the Nation, You're A Star
What's My Line? (1950-67)
The New Price Is Right-Nighttime Edition (1994-1995)
Hollywood Squares (1986-89), The $100,000 Pyramid (1991)
Masquerade Party (1974-75), Family Feud (1976-85 1994-95)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (2000-2003)
Eat Bulaga
Have I Got News For You, Bognor or Bust, Hell's Kitchen
Family Feud (1996)
The Uplate Game Show (2005)
Family Fortunes, Classic Comeback
Concentration (1958-65)
Bumper Stumpers (1987-90)
Backyard Blitz, The Block
Dirty Rotten Cheater (2003), Extreme Dodgeball (2004-05), I've Got a Secret (2006-present)
Pick a Box (1948 – 1957, radio); (1957 – 1971, TV)
College Bowl (1962-70)
Come Dancing, Deal or No Deal, Juke Box Jury, Telly Addicts
Truth or Consequences (1941 1950-52)
The Name's the Same (1955)
To Tell the Truth (1990) It's Your Chance of a Lifetime (2000)
Wheel of Fortune
Cram (2003-04)
Face the Music (1980-1982)
The Price Is Right, Cash Bonanza, Family Double Dare, The Main Event, Wheel of Fortune
Finders Keepers (1987-88)
Perfect Match, Crossfire
Mastermind, Mastermind (UK)
The Name's the Same (1955)
The Singing Bee (2007 to present)
Anybody Can Play (1958)
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
The Joker's Wild (1990-91), Shop 'Til You Drop (1991-2003), The Big Spin (1999-2004)
Friday Night Games (2006)
Idiot Savants (1996-97)
Jeopardy!/The All New Jeopardy! (1964-75 1978-79)
Legends of the Hidden Temple (1993-95)
Now You See It
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
The Weakest Link
Bikini Beach
Vidiot (1991-93)
Sale of the Century (1971-73), To Tell The Truth (1977), Strike It Rich (1986)
The Joe Schmo Show (2003), Joe Schmo 2 (2004)
Islands Gamemasters (1990-92)
Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? (2007-present)
University Challenge, Connoisseur
Perfect Match (1986), Blackout (1988), Wheel of Fortune (1989-91), That's the Question (2006)
Big Brother Up-Late, Friday Night Games (2006)
Game Na, Game Na! (1994-96)
Illinois' Instant Riches (1994-98), Illinois' Luckiest (1998-2000)
Brains Brawn (1993)
The Name's the Same (1955)
Winner Take All (1951)
Extreme Gong (1998), The Weakest Link (2002-2003)
Auction-Aire (1949-50)
Man O Man (1994)
Kabarkada, Break the Bank (2007-present)
The Anniversary Game (1969-70)
All Clued Up
They Think It's All Over
Trashed (1994), Singled Out (1995-98)
Double Dare 2000 (2000-2001)
Answer Yes or No (1950)
It's Academic
Break the Bank (1985-86)
Alumni Fun (1964, 1965 1966)
Play Your Hunch (1962), The Baby Game (1968), Name That Tune (1970-71), All About Faces (1971-72)
Wheel of Fortune
Spicks and Specks (2005-present)
Blockbusters, Call My Bluff, Raise the Roof
Islands Gamemasters (1990-92)
Malaysian Idol (2004-05)
Double Dare
Identity (2006-2007)
Games Uplate Live (2006-present)
My Generation, Time Masters, Wipeout
Almost Anything Goes (1975-76), Pro-Fan (1977)
The All-New Dating Game (1986-88)
Family Feud (2002-06)
Sale of the Century (1969-71)
Blankety Blanks
Friend or Foe? (2002-04)
Greed (2000)
The Amazing Race (2001-present)
Studio 7 (2004), World Series of Pop Culture (2006-present)
Big Brother (2001-present)
Battle of the Ages (1952)
Take a Good Look (1959-61)
Think Fast (1990)
Never Mind the Buzzcocks
The Mad Dash
Chain Reaction (2006-present)
Blind Item (2006)
The Big Payoff (1955-57)
Win, Lose or Draw (1987-89)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (1991-96)
Wheel of Fortune, Scavengers
The Name's the Same (1951-54), Make Me Laugh (1958)
Lucky 52, Super 6 1, Chinese Dream
Haggis Baggis (1958), The Rebus Game (1965)
Masters of the Maze (1995)
Countdown (2005-2006)
American Gladiators (1993-95)
Deal or No Deal (2005-present)
The $64,000 Question (1955-58), What's It For? (1957-58), It's Your Bet (1969-70)
The Cheap Show (1978), Mindreaders (1979-80)
You Bet Your Life (1950-61), Tell It to Groucho (1962)
2 Minute Drill (2000-01)
Alumni Fun (1963)
Big Brother (2000-present), Oblivious, The Vault
It's a Knockout
Cluedo (1992)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (1999-2006)
You May Be Right (2006-)
Snap Judgment (1967-69), Concentration (1969)
Vidiot (1994), Now You See It, Download
Now You See It
12 Corazones
The Big Payoff (1951-53)
La Cible (2003-06)
Roda Impian (2002-06)
The Singing Bee (2008-present)
Cabin Fever (TV Show), Gridlock, Winning Streak
Nick Arcade (1992-93)
Camouflage (1961-62), Let's Play Post Office (1965-66)
Make The Grade (1990-91)
Canadian Idol
Charge Account
La Cible (2006-present)
Bank on the Stars (1954)
New Faces, Superquiz, Bert's Family Feud (2006)
Hollywood Showdown (1999-2001), Whammy!/ The All New Press Your Luck (2002-03)
The Crystal Maze (1990-93)
Go (1983-84)
Rumor Has It (1993)
Countdown (2007-present)
To Tell The Truth (2000-02), Family Feud (2006-present)
Deal or No Deal (2004-present)
1 vs. 100 (2007-present)
Get the Picture (1991-93), Guts/Global Guts/Nickelodeon GUTS (1992-95)
Hot Streak
Remote Control (1988-91), Make Me Laugh, Smush
Wheel of Fortune
Singapore Idol (2006)
Pyramid (2002-04)
Letters to Laugh-In (1969), The Gong Show (1976-77)
Up to Paar (1952), Bank on the Stars (1953)
Wheel of Fortune (2001-02)
The Big Payoff (1957-59)
Deal or No Deal (2007–present)
Win Win Win (2007-present)
Islands Gamemasters (1990-92)
Balance Your Budget (1952-53), The Big Payoff (1953-55)
Game Na, Game Na! (1994-96)
University Challenge
Shopping Spree (1996-98)
Temptation (2005-present), Battle of the Sexes, Pot of Gold
My Generation
Family Kuwarta O Kahon (1963-2000)
Twenty-One (2000)
The Quiz Kids Challenge (1990)
Rock Roll Jeopardy! (1998-2000), Survivor (2000-present)
The Better Sex (1977-78)
All-Star K! (2006-present), Weakest Link (2002-2003), Sing Galing (1999-2004)
Whammy! Push your Luck (2007-present)
Every Second Counts (1984), Card Sharks (1986-87), Blockbusters (1987)
All-Star K! (2006-present)
Caesar's Challenge (1993-94)
Pa' Que Te Lo Goces (2006)
Call My Bluff
Wheel of Fortune 2000 (1997-98)
Lingo (1987)
Top Dollar (1958)
Quiz Master, It's Academic (2006)
Monopoly (1990)
Puso O Pera (2004), Wowowee (2005-present)
Sale of the Century (1991-2001)
Bedroom Buddies (1992)
Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime
The Weakest Link (2000-02, USA, 2000-present, UK), Test the Nation
Call My Bluff, Ask the Family
Fear Factor (2001-2006)
All Star Squares, Have A Go
Supermarket Sweep (1990-98, 1999-2004)
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (1999-present)
1 vs. 100 (2006-present)
Wheel of Fortune (1981-present)
Figure It Out (1997-99)
Gladiators 2000 (1994-96)
Make The Grade (1989-90)
Stump The Schwab (2004 to present)
It Takes Two (1969-70)
Liar's Club (1969)
Almost Anything Goes (1975-76)
Match Game (1990-91)
Show Me the Money (2006)
We Interrupt This Week (1978)
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (1996-98)
Two for the Money (1952-56)
That's My Dog (1993-94), Small Talk (1996-97)
Wheel of Fortune 2000 (1997-98)
Wheel of Fortune
That's My Dog (1991-92)
muppet host of countless game show spoofs on Sesame Street, such as
It's a Knockout
Place the Face (1953)
Blankety Blanks, Family Feud, Dancing with the Stars
Treasure Mall
Win Ben Stein's Money (1997-2003)
Remember This Date (1950-51), Are You Positive (1952)
The Krypton Factor
Fifteen to One
Australia's Brainiest Kid (2005-present)
Bihasa: Bibilya Hamon Sa'yo (2007-present)
Face the Music (1970s), Animal Crack-Ups (1980s), Pictionary (1990s), All New 3s A Crowd (2000s)
Finders Keepers (1988)
Anything for Money (1984-85)
The Crystal Maze (1993-95)
The Price Is Right, Press Your Luck, Supermarket Sweep
Go For It! (1997-98)
Showoffs (1975), The Fun Factory (1976), Make Me Laugh (1979-80)
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (2002-present)
Countdown (1982-present)
Musical Chairs (1975)
Russian Roulette (2002-2003), On the Cover (2004-2005), The Moment of Truth (2008 - Present)
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
The Midas Touch, Wheel of Fortune
To Tell the Truth (1980-1981)
The Book Quiz (2008)
Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime
Just Men! (1983)
Gladiators, Who Dares Wins
Almost Anything Goes (1975)
Generation Gap (1969)
Keynotes (1992-93)
Beat the Clock (1969-75)
The Amazing Race Asia (2006-present)
Who Dares Wins
The Price is Right (2001-2003)