List of Historic Fires

Temple in Jerusalem the first at Jerusalem burned by Nebuchadnezzar king of the Babylonians
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus burned by arson
Library of Alexandria burned during siege (possibly accidental)
Temple in Jerusalem the second at Jerusalem burned by Roman Empire troops under general Titus
Library of Alexandria possibly burned during occupation of Alexandria
Library of Alexandria possibly burned by order of Roman Emperor Theodosius I
Library of Alexandria possibly burned by order of Caliph Umar I
Fire at Clifford's Tower, York, England kills at least 150 Jews
First settlement in Jamestown burns
Globe Theatre, London burned due to mishap
Town hall of Amsterdam burnt down. Treasures and important historical charters were destroyed.
Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen
Richmond Theatre Fire, Richmond, VA. 72 dead.
The White House and U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. burned by the British
Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, Rome
Palace of Westminster, home to Parliament of the United Kingdom
Theatre fire in Canton, China killed 1670
Nantucket July 13
Great St. Louis Fire (1849)
Church of the Company Fire in Santiago, Chile; killed over 2500
The Great Fire in Portland, Maine on July 4
Port Huron Fire of 1871 killed over 200 people in Port Huron, Michigan on October 8.
Brooklyn Theater Fire, killed 295 in Brooklyn, NY.
The Eldkvarn flour mill in Stockholm.
The Washburn
Ring Theater Fire, killed 850 in Vienna
The Great Michigan Fire, killed over 200 in Michigan
Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen
Paris Opéra Fire on May 25 killed 200
Theatre Royal, Exeter Fire, England on September 5 killed 186
The Rotunda, University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, Virginia
Paris Bazaar Fire on May 4 killed 150
Great Windsor Fire, Windsor, Nova Scotia Canada, destroyed 80% of the town
Hoboken Docks Fire on June 30 killed 326
Birmingham Church Fire on September 20 killed 115
Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum fire, London, killed 51 on January 27
Iroquois Theater Fire, Chicago, at least 600 died
Great Toronto Fire, Toronto
Lodging House fire in Glasgow killed 39
Rhoads Theater Fire, Boyertown, PA killed 170
Collinwood School Fire, Cleveland, Ohio killed 175 on March 4
Flores Theater fire, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico on February 15, killing 250.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, New York City
Centre Block of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario
Norman State Hospital Fire, Norman, OK
Mayaguez Theater Fire, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Oppau explosion near Ludwigshafen, Germany killing 500–600 on September 21
Cleveland School Fire, Camden, South Carolina, killed 77 on May 16
Babbs Switch Schoolhouse Fire, Oklahoma, killed 36 on December 24
Madame Tussauds wax museum in London
Laurier Palace Theatre Fire, Montreal, killed 77 children on January 9
Teatro de Novedades theater fire killed 68 or maybe 110, Madrid, Spain on 22 September
Glen Cinema disaster, Paisley, Scotland killed 71 on December 31
Cleveland Clinic fire, Cleveland killed 123
Jinhae Primary School fire, Jinhae, Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea, killed 104 on March 10
Ohio Penitentiary fire, Columbus killed 322
Glaspalast (Munich) fire on July 6
Pittsburgh Nursing Home Fire
Reichstag fire in Berlin, caused by arson
Hotel Kerns Fire in Lansing, MI
Hindenburg disaster near Lakehurst, New Jersey
South Tomita Primary School fire, Shirahama, Wakayama, Japan, killed 81 on 20 December
Terminal Hotel Fire in Atlanta, GA
Nouvelles Galeries department store fire, Marseille, France, killed 73 on October 28
Rhythm Night Club Fire, Natchez, MS killed 209 on April 23
Great fire of Santander, Santander,Cantabria, Spain
Booth's clothing factory fire in Huddersfield, England killed 49 on October 31
Knights Of Columbus hostel fire in St. John's, Newfoundland, kills 99
Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston, Massachusetts kills 492
Cavan Orphanage Fire, Ireland, kills 36 on 23 February
Gulf Hotel Fire in Houston, TX kills 55
Hoteiza Theater Fire in Kucchan, Hokkaido, Japan, killed 205 on March 6
Hartford Circus Fire in Hartford, Connecticut killed 168 on July 6
Loebel club fire in Berlin, Germany, killed 89 on February 8
LaSalle Hotel Fire in Chicago kills 61
Winecoff Hotel Fire in Atlanta, GA, killed 119 on December 7
Le Select Cinema fire in Rueil-Malmaison, France, killed 87 on August 30
Ballantyne's Department Store fire, Christchurch, New Zealand, killed 41 on 18 November
Explosion at BASF production site in Ludwigshafen, Germany killing 207 on July 28
St. Anthony's Hospital Fire in Effingham, IL killed 70 on April 5
Mercy Hospital fire, Davenport, Iowa, killed 41 on January 7
Kinkakuji Fire by arsonist in Kyoto, Japan on July 2
al-Duniya Theater fire in Kano, present day of Nigeria on May 13, killing 100.
Littlefield Nursing Home Fire in Largo, FL
Larkin Building Fire in Buffalo, New York First fire in Buffalo's history to go to a general alarm
Elderly home for Catholic church fire in Yokohama, Japan killed 100 on February 16
Warrenton Nursing Home Fire in Warrenton, MO
Our Lady of the Angels School Fire, Chicago killed 95 on December 1
Vida Store Fire in Bogotá
Stalheim Hotel fire, Norway, killed 34 on June 23
Kukje Rubber Manufacturing plant 2 fire at Busan, South Korea, killing 68, injured 44, on March 2.
Cheapside Street whisky bond fire, Glasgow, Scotland, killed 19 firefighters on March 28
Guatemala Mental Hospital Fire, killed 225 on July 14
Syrian Movie Theater Fire in Amude (Syria)
Grand North American Circus arson in Niterói (Brazil) killed 323 on December 17
Le Monde Theater fire at Diourbel, Kaolack, Senegal on May 4, killing 64
Surfside Hotel Fire in Atlantic City, NJ on November 18
Golden Age Nursing Home Fire in Fitchville, OH killed 63 on November 23
Hotel Roosevelt fire in Jacksonville, FL killed 22 on December 29
1967 Tasmanian fires in Tasmania, Australia
Apollo 1 burned during ground tests at Cape Canaveral
L'Innovation Department Store Fire, in Brussels killed 322 on May 22
Florida State Prison Fire, in Jay, FL killed 37 on July 16
Stern's upholstery factory fire in Glasgow, Scotland, killed 24 on November 18
Bandai Atami International Sightseeing Hotel fire, in Koriyama, Japan, kills 31 on 5 February.
Club Cinq-Sept fire in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France, killed 146 on November 1
Pioneer Hotel fire, Tucson, Arizona, killed 29 on December 20
Taeyunkak Hotel Fire in Seoul, South Korea on December 25
Hotel Vendome Fire in Boston, 9 firefighters killed on June 17
Sennichi Department Store Fire in Osaka, Japan, killed 118 on May 13
Coldharbour Hospital fire in Sherborne, England, killed 30 on July 5
National Archives Fire in St. Louis, Missouri
Summerland disaster in Douglas, Isle of Man killed 51 on August 2
Hotel Hafnia fire, Copenhagen, Denmark, 35 killed on September 1
Taiyo Department Store Fire in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan, killed 104 on November 29
Joelma Fire kills 188 in São Paulo on February 1.
Gulf Refinery Fire, Philadelphia, PA. Eight firemen lost their lives in the inferno. August 17.
Rossiya Hotel fire in Moscow, Russia, 45 killed on February 25
Hotel Polen fire in Amsterdam, Netherlands kills 33
Beverly Hills Supper Club fire kills 165 in Southgate, Kentucky.
The Cinema Rex Fire kills 438 in Abadan, Khuzestan, Iran.
Hotel Corona de Aragon Fire in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, kills 80
Lakshimki Talkies cinema fire, in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India, kills 73 on July 29.
Hotel Am Augarten fire in Vienna, Austria, kills 25
Opémiska Community Hall fire, Chapais, Canada, killed 48 on 31 December
A fire in the Eventide Home for the Aged in Kingston, Jamaica kills 157 on May 20
Nightclub fire kills 37 in London on 16 August
MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas, Nevada kills 87
Prince Hotel of Kawaji Fire in Kinugawa,
Nilkanth Mahaden temple fire, Asarwa, Gujarat, India, 49 killed on December 6
Keansburg Boarding Home fire in Keansburg, New Jersey kills 30
New Cross Fire, London, killed 13 on January 18
Stardust Disaster, discotheque fire in Dublin kills 44
1981 Bangalore circus fire, circus fire in Bangalore, India, kills 66
Hotel New Japan fire, downtown of Tokyo, Japan, kills 33 on 8 February
Connecticut Street Armory Fire in Buffalo, NY
Salang tunnel fire kills between 150 and 1,000 people in Afghanistan's only road tunnel
Caldecott Tunnel fire kills 6 and severely damages major road tunnel in Oakland, California
Turin Movie Theater fire in Turin kills 64
Alcala 20 Discotheque fire in Madrid kills 83
Summit tunnel fire in West Yorkshire, England
Valley Parade Ground Stadium fire in Bradford, England, 56 die
Saavedra Phychiatic Hospital fire in Buenos Aires, Argentina, kills 79, injures 247.
Dupont Plaza Hotel fire, set by disgruntled employees, kills 97 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
King's Cross fire in the London Underground killed 31 on November 18
A fire at Hotel International in Oerlikon (Zürich) kills 6 on February 14
Piper Alpha disaster, North Sea on July 6
A fire in Lisbon, Portugal destroyed 7 blocks of houses (7,500 m²) on August 25
Premier Studio of Mysore fire, Mysore, Karnataka, India, 62 killed on February 8
Flying discotheque fire at Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, 43 killed on January 14.
Happy Land Fire (arson) in the Bronx, New York City, kills 87 on March 25
1991 Hamlet chicken plant fire kills 25 people
Meridian Plaza 22nd Fl. fire caused by oil-soaked rags, Philadelphia
Windsor Castle, England
a ten-story of Hsinhua building fire, Taipei, Taiwan, 34 killed on January 18
Linxi department store fire, Tangshan, Hebei, China, 79 killed, 51 injured on 14 February
Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas, about 80 killed
Kader Toy Factory fire, Bangkok, Thailand, 189 killed on May 10
Madimak Hotel fire, Sivas, Turkey, killing 35, on July 2.
Zhili Toy Factory fire, Kuiyong, Shenzhen, China, 87 killed on November 20
Gaofu Textile Factory fire, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, 61 killed on December 13
Fireworks factory fire, Hong Kong, 27 killed on August 29
1994 Karamay theater fire, Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur, China, 324 killed on December 10
Fuxin Discotheque fire at Fuxin, Liaoning, China, 234 killed on November 27
?????Wei Er Kang Restaurant at Taichung, Taiwan killing 64
Gyeonni Women Technical School fire, Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea, killing 38.
Dayananda Anglo Vedic private school fire, Mandi Dabwali, Haryana, India, 538 killed on December 23
Teatro La Fenice in Venice
Ozone Disco Club fire, Quezon City, Philippines, 162 killed, 95 injured on March 18
Kebon Kembang shoppong mall fire, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, 78 killed on March 28
Düsseldorf International Airport fire killing 17 on April 11
Channel Tunnel fire between France and England on November 18
The Garley Building fire, Hong Kong, 40 killed on November 20
Top One Karaoke Fire, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 17 killed in arson attack on, January 25 )
Uphaar cinema fire, Green Park, New Delhi, 59 killed on June 13
Pattaya Royal Resort Hotel fire, in Thailand, killing 88, on July 11
Bombolulu Girls High School of domitory fire, Mombasa, Kenya, 24 killed on March 25
Gothenburg nightclub fire in Gothenburg, Sweden, killing 63 on October 30
Orphanage fire in Manila, Philippines, kills 28 on December 3
Mont Blanc Tunnel fire between France and Italy, 39 killed
The Worcester Cold Storage fire, 6 firefighters killed
Tiantang cinema fire in Jiaozuo, Henan, China, killing 74 on March 29
December 25, Dongdu Commercial shopping center fire in Luoyang, Henan, China, killing 309
Kyanguli Secondary school fire, Machakos, Eastern, Kenya, 68 killed on March 26
Ramanathapuram Badasha mental Home fire, Erwadi, Tamil Nadu, India, 25 killed on August 13
Manor Hotel fire, Quezon City, Philippines, 75 killed on August 17
Myojo 56 building fire, Tokyo, Japan, 44 killed on September 1.
Volendam, fire in a bar/discoteque; killing 14, injuring 180 (many with lasting scars)
Fan Lin school explosion, fire breaks out in firework store, resultant explosion kills 41 children.
Mesa Redonda shopping center fire, Lima, Peru, 291 killed on December 29
Shree Lee International footwear factory fire, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, 42 killed on June 26
Heppi Karaoke bar fire, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia, 42 killed on July 9
Sidi Moussa prison fire, El Jadida, Morocco, killing 50, on November 2
La Coajira nightclub fire at Caracas, Venezuela, 47 killed on December 1
Daegu subway fire in Daegu (South Korea)
Patrice Lumumba People's Friendship University, Moscow
Zhongbai Commercial Plaza fire, Jilin, northeastern China, killed 53 on February 16
Sri Krishna Aided Higher Secondary School fire, Kumbakonam, Tamil-Nadu, India, killed 94 on July 16
Ycuá Bolaños supermarket fire, Asuncion, Paraguay, kills 370, injures 500 on August 1.
República Cromagnon nightclub fire in Buenos Aires kills 194, injures 714 on December 30.
The Windsor Tower Building Fire (Spain), February 14-15
11 die at a fire in the detention center of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on October 27.
Liaoyang City Central Hospital fire, Liaoyang, Jilin, China, 39 killed on December 12.
Kolkata leather factory fire kills at least nine people in India on November 22.
Moscow hospital fire kills 45 drug addicts in a rehabilitation centre on December 9.
Fire at store in Ormoc City, Philippines kills 24
Nursing home fire at Kamyshevatskaya, Krasnodar, southern Russia, killed 63 on March 19
Warehouse fire in Charleston, SC; 9 firefighters were killed battling the blaze.
Warehouse fire in Atherstone-on-Stour, Warwickshire when four firefighters were killed
Warehouse fire in Mexico City, Mexico where five people were killed
12-story retail and office building fire kills 3 firefighters in Ürümqi (China) on January 2
Namdaemun fire with collapse at Seoul, South Korea on February 10.
Quebec City Armoury fire, Quebec, Canada, on April 4
Great Fire of Rome
Borgo, the area around Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome
Constantinople burned three times during the Fourth Crusade
First Great Fire of Amsterdam
Second Great Fire of Amsterdam, three quarters of the city destroyed
Moscow fire which sparked a rebellion
Moscow fire occurred when the forces of the Crimean khan Devlet I Giray raided the city
Great Fire of Meireki - Edo (modern-day Tokyo)
Great Fire of London
the Great Fire of Warwick
Montreal, New France
June 6 - Fire destroys 18,000 houses in Moscow.
First Great Fire of New York City
Great New Orleans Fire
Great Fire of Tenmei - Kyoto, Japan, 150 killed, 37,000 houses burned, on January 30
New Orleans
Copenhagen fire of 1795
1811 Great fire of Podil
Moscow, to deny shelter to Napoleon
Buffalo, New York burned during the War of 1812
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
York, Upper Canada burned during the War of 1812
Burning of Washington during the War of 1812
St. John's, Newfoundland
Paramaribo (Suriname) over 400 houses destroyed
Great Fire of Turku
Second Great Fire of New York City
Great Fire of Pittsburgh destroyed over 1000 buildings
St. John's, Newfoundland
St. Louis Fire, first US firefighter killed in the line of duty
Toronto, Ontario
Kraków, Poland, 10% of the city area
Vaasa, Finland
Troy, New York, over 500 buildings destroyed
Atlanta burned after time given for evacuation of citizens by order of William Tecumseh Sherman
Columbia, South Carolina burned while being occupied by troops commanded by William Tecumseh Sherman
Richmond, Virginia burned by retreating Confederates.
Great Chicago Fire, destroyed the downtown on October 8
Great Boston Fire of 1872, destroyed 776 buildings and killed at least 20 people.
Saint John, New Brunswick Fire destroyed 1600 buildings
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Great Vancouver Fire, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1886.
Great Seattle Fire
St. John's, Newfoundland
Great Fire in Shanghai; over 1,000 buildings are destroyed
Great Fire of 1901, Jacksonville, Florida
Great Baltimore Fire
Great Toronto Fire
Ålesund Fire
San Francisco earthquake and fire
Ököritófülpös, Hungary, fire in a barn during a dancing-party killed 312 people.
Great Salem Fire of 1914
Matheson Fire, Matheson, Ontario
The Halifax Explosion, largest man-made explosion before the atomic bomb
Over 300 acres (1.2 km²) (73 blocks) destroyed in Great Atlanta fire of 1917
Great Fire of 1917, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tulsa Race Riot, 35 city blocks; 1,256 residences were destroyed by arson
The Great Fire of Smyrna, Izmir, Turkey
Tokyo following the Great Kanto earthquake
Tillamook Burn
Great Hakodate Fire, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan, killed 2,166
Great Lagunillas Fire at Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela on November 14.
The Second Great Fire of London, one of the most destructive air raids of the London Blitz.
Santander, Cantabria
Bombing of Dresden in World War II, which caused a firestorm
Bombing of Tokyo in World War II, causing the largest urban conflagration in history.
Texas City Disaster, two ships explode, igniting chemical works, 460 - 600 killed
Fukui earthquake with fire, 46,000 buildings and houses lost on July
Mann Gulch fire
Landes Mountain forest fire, 256,000 acres lost, 240 killed, include 82 firefighters, on August.
Shek Kip Mei Fire, fire in a squatter area in Hong Kong, 58,000 homeless
Bukit Ho Swee Fire, flames erupt in a squatter settlement in Singapore, making 16,000 homeless
Serra de Sintra forest fire,outskirt of Lisbon, Portugal, 2,660 hectares lost, killing 26.
1971 Kure forest fire, Kure, western Honshu, Japan, 18 firefighters killed on April 27
Isabella Island forest fire, Galapagos Island, Ecuador, 62,500 acres lost on March.
Annanar forest fire, Portugal, 150,000 hectares lost, killing 14.
Greater Hinggan forest fire, Heilongjiang, China, 19 million acres lost, 213 killed on April
Great Lashio Fire, Lashio, Myanmar, killed 134, 2000 building destroy.
Kuwaiti oil fires following the Persian Gulf War
Oakland Hills firestorm kills 25 and destroys 3469 homes and apartments
tsunami hit with fire at Okushiri Island, Japan by 1993 quake, 645 houses lost, 202 killed on July.
Isabella Island forest fire, Galapagos Island, Ecuador, 1,200 hectares lost on April.
Great Hanshin Earthquake with fire, Kobe, Japan
Lagos armoury explosion causes fire which destroys half of Lagos and killed 1,100 people
Edinburgh Cowgate fire
Rodeo-Chediski fire
Canberra bushfires fire that killed 4 and destroyed over 500 homes
Ceder fires fire that destroyed over 550 homes and many acres of land
Day Fire, Los Angeles and Ventura counties in California.
2007 Greek forest fires large fire in Greece
October 2007 California wildfires Fires in California
British warship Queen Charlotte - 700 deaths
Steamship Lexington in Long Island Sound - 139 deaths
Freighter Cabo Machichaco in Santander, Spain - 500 deaths .
Steamship General Slocum in New York City - 1,021 deaths
SS Morro Castle off Asbury Park, New Jersey - 137 deaths, ship gutted and beached
SS Normandie in New York City, ship capsized and sank at pier
SS Noronic in Toronto, Canada - 118 to 139 deaths
Lakonia near Madeira - 128 deaths
SS Yarmouth Castle near Nassau, Bahamas - 90 deaths
RMS Queen Elizabeth in Hong Kong, ship sank in harbour
Doña Paz in the Philippines - an estimated 4,000 deaths
M/S Scandinavian Star off Norway - 159 deaths
Achille Lauro near Somalia
Star Princess in the Caribbean - 1 death
Paris Métro train fire kills 84
Ais Gill rail crash in England kills 14 chiefly through fire on September 1
Quintinshill rail crash in Scotland kills 227 chiefly through fire on May 22
Black Tom explosion (fires led to the explosion)
Sakuragicho commuter train fire, Yokohama, Japan, 106 killed.
Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire begins
Apollo 1 Cape Canaveral, Florida
Hokuriku railroad tunnel fire, Tsuruga, Japan, 31 killed, 637 injured.
Tent site at Mina, Saudi Arabia, 138 killed
Taunton train fire on British Rail kills 12 on July 6
Los Alfaques Disaster kills 217 on a campsite near Tarragona, in Spain on July 11
Yaounde train explosion fuel train explosion, kills 120 people.
Ibadan tanker truck explosion multiple car pile-up explodes 100-200 killed.
Kaprun disaster, Austrian funicular train fire, kills 155 people
Al Ayatt train disaster, Egypt
Ladhowal train fire, India
Brand India Fair at Meerut Victoria Park fire, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, 100 killed on April 10.