Game Manufacturer List

1% Inspiration Games
19th Century Miniatures
1i Productions
49th West Games
5th Epoch Publishing
999 Games
9th Level Games
A2 Press Role-playing games
Abacus Spiele
Abi Games
Abstract Nova
Adamant Entertainment
Adept Press
Ad Astra Games
Adventure Games
Adventures Unlimited
Aegis Studios
Agents of Gaming
Alderac Entertainment Group
Alea -
Alien Menace
All About Games
Alliance Publications
Alpine Games
Alternative Armies
Amarillo Design Bureau Inc.
Amateur Press Association
Amigo Spiele
Anoch Game Systems
Ape Games
Apex Publications
Apophis Consortium
Arbor Productions
Arc Dream Publishing
Arcadiam Games
Archaia Studios Press
Archangel Entertainment
Archive Miniatures
Arctic Ranger Productions
Argus Specialist
Arion Games
Armada Enterprises
Art Meets Matter
Asmodée Éditions
Atlas Games
Atlantis Enterprises
Atomic Sock Monkey
Australian Design Group
Avalanche Press
Avalon Hill -
Avatar Games Enterprises
Backstage Press
Bad Axe Games
Bard Games
Bards and Sages
Bard's Productions
Baron Publishing Company
Bastion Press
Battlefront Miniatures Ltd
Battleline Publications
Bayonet Games
Bay Tek Games
Bearhug Publications
Beaumont Miniatures Workshop
Bent Castle Workshops
Better Mousetrap Games
Big Finger Games
Big Play
Bill Cobb Productions
Biohazard Games
Black Dragon Press
Black Industries
Black Orc Games
Black Rabbit Games
Black Spiral Dist.
Black Tree Design
Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
BlackWyrm Games
Blandford Press
Blind Luck Studios
Blood and Cardstock
Blue Devil Games
Blue Orange Games
Blue Panther LLC
Board Enterprises
Board Game Design
Bone Games
BoneMan Press
Bottled Imp Games
Brain Chain Games
Brigade Games & Hobby Supply, LLP
British Isles Traveller Support
Brittannia Game Designs
Britton Designs
Brookhurst Hobbies
Bruce Monnin
Bucephalus Games
Buffalo Games
Bully Pulpit Games
Bungie Studios
Burger Games
C in C miniatures
Cactus Game Design
Cafe Games
California Creations
Cambridge Games Factory
Camelot Pewter
Canadian Wargamers Group
CardCabinet, The
Cardinal Games
Carnivore Games
Catalyst Game Labs
Cell Entertainment
Challenges and Creations
Championship Games
Charles J Walther
Charon Productions
Chaturanga Concepts
Cheapass Games
Chessex Manufacturing Co Inc
Citadel Miniatures U.S.
Clash of Arms
Close Simulations
Cloud Kingdom Games Inc
Cold Blooded Games
Columbia Games
Comic Images
Compass Games
Comstar Games
Conflict Games
Contested Ground Studios
Cool Studio
Corone Design
Cosmic Wimpout
Courier Publishing Company, The
Cracked Mirror Publishing
Cranium, Inc.
Creation Chaos Inc
Creations Unlimited
Creative Wargames Workshop
Crimson Empire Publishing
Critical Hit
Critical Mass Studios
Crown and Andrews
Crucible Design
Crunchy Frog Enterprises
Crystal Caste LLC
Cumberland Games and Diversions
DaGoom Inc
Dancing Eggplant Games
Darcsyde Productions
Dark City Games
Dark Furies Publishing
Dark Horse Games
Dark Matter Studios
Dark Nebulae
Dark Portal Games
Dark Sword Miniatures
Dart Flipcards Inc.
David Martin & Leonard Millman
David Skorupski
daVinci Games
Dawnfire Games
Days of Wonder
db Spiele
Decipher, Inc.
Dead Ant Games
Death's Edge Games
Decision Games
Deep 7
DemonBlade Games
Descartes Editeur
Destination Games
Destruction Games
DG Associates
Dice and Games Ltd
D'Ice Inc.
Different Worlds
Digest Group Publications
Digital Media Exchange, Inc.
Dimension Six
Dinnergames Design
Distant Seas Publishing
Dog-eared Designs
Dog Soul Publishing
Doster Company
Dragon Shields
Dragon Tree Press
Dream Factory
Dream Green
Dream Pod 9
Dream Quest Games
Driftwood Publishing
Dust Bunny Games
Dwarfstar Games
Dwarven Forge
Dynasty Presentations
Eagle Games
Earwig Enterprises
Easy Eight Enterprises
Eden Games Inc.
Eden Studios, Inc.
Editora Devir
Editora Daemon
Eidolon Studios
Eight Foot Llama
Eilfin Publishing
Elephant Chess Club
Elizabeth Newbery
Emerald Press
Emperor's Choice
EN Publishing
Endless Games
Engelmann Military Simulations
Enigma Miniatures
Eos Press
Epitaph Studios
Essex Miniatures
EA Sports
EA Games
Eureka Miniatures
Evil Minions Games
Evil Polish Brothers
Excalibre Games
Excel Marketing
Excelsior Entertainment
Expeditious Retreat Press
Extraordinary Worlds Studio
Face2Face Games
Fact & Fantasy Games
Family Baseball
Family Games Inc.
Fantastische Spiele GmbH
Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Games Unlimited
Fantasy Productions
Far Future Enterprises
Fast Forward Entertainment
Fat Messiah Games
FCB & Associates
FG Miniatures
Fiery Dragon Productions
Fifth Column Games
Final Sword Productions
Fire and Fury Games Battlefront
Firefight Games
Firefly Games
Flags for the Lads
Flashpoint Miniatures
Fleet Games Inc
Fluid Entertainment
Flying Buffalo
Flying Mice LLC
Flying Tricycle
ForEverWorld Books
Foundry Miniatures
Four Color Figures
Freman Publications
Front Porch Classics
FSpace Publications
Fun and Games
Fun Connection
Fun Factory Games
Funmaker Games
FX Schmidt
Gale Force Nine
Galileo Games Inc
Gallant Hand's Gamer Gear
Game Codex
Game Designers' Guild
Game Designers' Workshop
Game Research/Design
Game Figures Inc
Game Masters Associated
Game Monkey Press
Game Systems, Inc
Gamealogical Institute
The Gamers
Games Above Board
Games Publications Group
Games Workshop
Gamescience Inc.
Ganesha Games- Wargames and role-playing games
Gaslight Press
Georgo Industries
GhazPORK Industrial
Ghost Miniatures
GHQ Models
Gibsons Games
Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop
Gio Games
Glory Games
GMT Games
Gnawing Ideas
Gold Brick Games
Gold Rush Games
Good Industries
Goodman Games
Gorilla Games
Grand Prix International
Great Escape Games
Great River Games
Great White Games
Green Knight Publishing
Green Ronin Publishing
Greenfield Hobby Distributors
Grenier Games
Grey Ghost Press, Inc.
Griffin Games
Grim Reaper Casting
Grimoire Games
Gripping Beast
Ground Zero Games
Group Three Games
GT2 Fun & Games
Guardians of Order
Guidon Games
Guardians of Order Inc
Guild of Blades Publishing
Guildhouse Games
Habermaaß GmbH
Hammerdog Games
Hamsterprophet Productions
Hans im Glück
Harlequin Miniatures
Heartbreaker Hobbies & Games
HekaForge Productions
Heliograph, Inc.
Heliograph Inc
Heraldic Games
Heresy Gaming
Hero Factory
Hero Games
Hex Games
HG Walls
Hidden City Games
Highmood Media
Hinterwelt Enterprises LLC
Historical Perspectives
HLBS Publishing
Hobby Japan
Hobby Products
Hogshead Press
Holistic Design Inc
Hot Wire Foam Factory
House of Slack Games
Howard Hues / Regal Paints
Hoyle Products
Hubris Games
Humanhead Studios
Hunted Harlequin Games
Hyperion Entertainment
I Can Do That! Games
Icon Miniatures
Ignition Entertainment
Imagination Games
Imagine Role Playing
Imex Model Company
Imperium Games
Infinite Imagination
Inner Circle
Inner City Game Design
InsideMind Entertainment
Integrated War Games
Interactive Imagination
Interactivities Ink
Invisible City Productions
Ionian Games Studio
Iron Crown Enterprises
Iron Sun Games
Ironwind Metals
Ironwood Omnimedia Company
Issaries, Inc
J.A. Delinski
Jaques of London
James Ernest Games
Jax Games
JDB Games
Jedko Games
Jeux Descartes
John Scarne Games Inc.
John Wallis
Johnny Reb Game Company, The
Jolly Roger Games
Joseph Scoleri
JR Miniatures
Judges Guild
Jumbo International
Just Plain Wargames/Pacific Rim Publications
J. W. Spear & Sons
Kabal Gaming System
Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
Karmel Games, Inc.
Kenzer & Company
Key 20 Publishings
Knuckleduster Publications
Khalsa Brain Games
Kheper Games
Khepera Publishing
Kidult Games
Koplow Games Inc
Kryomek Holdings
Kvale Good Natured Games
L2 Design Group
Lance & Laser Models Inc
Land of Legend
Last Unicorn Games
Laughing Pan
Le Games, The
Leading Edge Games
Limestone Publishing
Lion Rampant
Litrex 84
Living Imagination
Living Imagination of New England
Living Room Games
London Wargames Section
Lone Shark Games
Looney Labs
Lost Adept Distractions
Lowry Enterprises
Lost Battalion Games
Louis Porter Jr Design
Lucid Raven Productions
M.E.K. Games
M.S. Kinney
Maelstrom Hobby
Magnificent Egos
Majestic Twelve Games
Malhavoc Press
Manticore Productions
Manzakk Publishing
Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd
Marischal Adventures
Marquee Press
Martian Game Modules
Matrix Games
Matthews-Simmons Marketing/GamesQuarterly Catalog
Mayfair Games
McArthur Games
McFarlane Toys
McLoughlin Brothers
McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds
McNutty Games
Mega Miniatures
Melbourne House
Meramic Enterprises
Mesomorph Games
Metagaming Concepts
Metaversal Studios
Microgame Design Group
Milton Bradley Company
Minden Games
Miniature World Maker
Mind Storm Labs
Miscellaneous Miniatures
Misguided Games
Misfit Studios
MJS Creations Game Design & Manufacturing Services
Mobius Games
Moments in History
Monkey God Enterprises
Monday Knight Productions
Mongoose Publishing
MonkeyGod Enterprises
Monte Cook
Moon Design Publications
Mudpuppy Games
Multi-Man Publishing
Multisim Publishing
Musket Miniatures LLC
MYNDzei Games
Mynstrel's Song Productions
Myriador Ltd
Myrmidon Press
Mystic Eye Games
Mystic Moldwyrks
Mystic Station Designs
Mythic Dreams Studios
MythIntentions, LLC
Mythrole Games
National Entertainment Collectibles Association
Naughty Faerie Productions
Nightfall Games
Necromancer Games
Nederlandse Spellenfabriek
Neo Productions
New Dimension Games
New England Wargamers Association
Newline Designs
Non-Sequitur Productions
North London Wargames Group
Nova Game Designs
Obsidian Studios
Old Glory miniatures
Old Kingdom Games
Omega Games
On Demand Games
One Small Step
Operational Studies Group
Optimus Design Systems
Orisek Industries
Osprey Publishing
Other Hands
OtherWorld Creations, Inc.
Ottoman Litho
Out of the Box Publishing
Outland Studios
Outpost Wargame Services
Outset Media
P.J.'s Pier
Padwolf Publishing
Pagan Publishing
Pagat Games
Paizo Publishing
Palladium Books
Pandahead Productions
Paradigm Concepts
Paragon Games
Paragrim Concepts
Pariah Press
Parker Brothers
Patch Products
Partizan Press
Pegasus Hobbies
Pegasus Press
Pelgrane Press
People's Wargames
Peregrine Press
Perfect Timing Inc
Perpetrated Press
Perry Moore Games
Perrin Miniatures
Phage Press
Pharoah Games
Pharaoh's Guard Hobbies
Pharos Press
PH Games
PHD Games
PHI International Games
Piatnik & Söhne
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Pinnacle Products
Placebo Press
Playroom Entertainment
Plenary Games
Poppo Brands LLC
Positive RolePlaying Inc
Potted Palm Productions
Precedence Entertainment
Precis Intermedia
Pressman Toy Corp.
Price Stern Sloan
Prince August
Prince of Darkness Games
Privateer Press
Propaganda Publishing
PsyX Games
Q.E.D. Games, Inc
Quality Family Games
Quarterdeck Games
Queen Games
Quest Machine
Quintessential Mercy Studio
R. Talsorian Games
R&R Games Inc
Rackham Miniatures
Ragnar Brothers
Raider Books
Ral Partha
Ranger Games
Rasta Designz- Board games
Rattrap Productions
Raven Star Game Design
Real Action
Realm Miniatures
RealmsMasters Game Forge
Reaper Miniatures
Red Spire Press
Reindeer Games
Renaissance Ink
Replay Publishing
Research Games
Rex Games
Rio Grande Games
Robert Mansfield
Robert Sayer
Roll'em Show'em
Ronin Arts
RPG Objects
Romancing Cathay
S&S Innovations
Sababa Toys
Sabertooth Games
Sabledrake Enterprises
Sabol Designs
Sagacity Games
Salvador Games
Sane Studios
Sanguine Productions
Salamander Games
Savant Guarde Entertainment
Savita Games
Scaldcrow Games
Scarab Games
Schroeder Publishing & Wargames
Sci-Fi Supply
Scorpion's Nest Tactical Gaming
Second World Simulations
Selchow & Righter
Set Enterprises
Sevinpold Castles
Shadowstar Games, Inc.
Shield Games
Shootingiron Design
Shot In The Dark Mysteries
Sierra Madre Games
Siler Ventures
Simmons Games
SimTac Miniatures
Simulation Publications, Inc.
Simulations Design Corporation
Singh, Wagner, Stehle
Six Sided Simulations
Sixteen Coal Black Horses
Skirmisher Publishing
Skyrealms Publishing
Skycastle Games
SlugFest Games
Smirk & Dagger Games
Social Games
Sovereign Press Inc
Spartacus Press
Spearhead Games
Spellbinder Games
Squadron Products
SS Games
Stan Johansen Miniatures
StarChilde Publications
Steam Power Publishing
Stein & Day
Sterling Publishing
Steve Jackson Games
Steve Barber models
Storm Press
Strategic Gaming Society
Strategic Studies Group
Strategy Gaming Society
Strife Games
Sunset Games
Sunriver Games
Superior Simulations
Sutton Hoo Games
Sunnywood Inc
Sword & Sorcery Studios
SynHeme- Card Games
Synister Creatives Systems
Table Tactics
Tabletop Games
Talicor Inc
Talon Games
Target Games
Task Force Games
Technomancer Press
Teddy Bear Press
Temple Games
Terran Games
Testor Corporation
Texas Miniatures
The Gamers
The Realm of Fantasy
Third World Games
Thompson Industries
Thoroughbred Miniatures
Thunder Castle Games
Tilsit Editions
Timeless Games
Timeline Inc.
Timeline Ltd.
TimJim Games
TJ Games
Too Fat Lardies
Totally New Games Inc.
Torchlight Games
Tower Games
Triad Entertainment
Tri King Games
Tri Tac Games
Triumph Game Company
Tronen Games
Troll Lord Games
TSR, Inc. -
Tsukuda Hobby
Tuff Stuff
Tuonela Productions Ltd
Twenty-First Century Games
Twilight Creations Inc
Two Wolf
Tyrant Games
Ubisoft Entertainment
UKG Publishing
Underworld Publishing
UNI Games
University Games
Unstoppable Productions
Upper Deck Entertainment
US Game Systems
US Playing Card Company
Vajra Enterprises
Valent Games
Valhalla Simulation Games
Valiant Games
Vallejo Paints
Van der Veer Games
Vengeance Games
Venice Connection
Victory By Any Means Games
Victory Games
Video Cassette Games
Viking Games
Visionary Games Design
Visionary Entertainment Studio Inc
Voyager Games
Walrus & Carpenter
Warfrog Games -
Wargame Accessories
Wargames Foundry
Wargames Research Group
Wasteland Games
Web Games
West Coast Games
West End Games
West Wind Productions
Western Publishing Games
White Wolf
Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Wicked Press
Wiggles 3D
William Darton
Wingnut Games
Winning Moves
Wise Turtle Publishing
Wizards of the Coast
White Wolf Publishing
WizKids LLC
Wolfe Games
Wonderworld Press
Woodland Scenics
Word Game Boards
World Works Games
Worthington Games
Xanadu Games
XID Creative
XTR Corporation
Yaquinto Publications
Z&M Enterprises
Zabazoo, Inc.- Board Games, Card Games and Role-playing games
Z-man Games
Zeno Games
Zipwhaa, Inc.
Zocchi Distributors
Zody Games
Zottola Publishing Inc
Z Inc.