Distinct cell types in the adult human body

Epidermal keratinocyte (differentiating epidermal cell)
Epidermal basal cell (stem cell)
Keratinocyte of fingernails and toenails
Nail bed basal cell (stem cell)
Medullary hair shaft cell
Cortical hair shaft cell
Cuticular hair shaft cell
Cuticular hair root sheath cell
Hair root sheath cell of Huxley's layer
Hair root sheath cell of Henle's layer
External hair root sheath cell
Hair matrix cell (stem cell)
Urinary epithelium cell (lining urinary bladder and urinary ducts)
Salivary gland mucous cell (polysaccharide-rich secretion)
Salivary gland serous cell (glycoprotein enzyme-rich secretion)
Von Ebner's gland cell in tongue (washes taste buds)
Mammary gland cell (milk secretion)
Lacrimal gland cell (tear secretion)
Ceruminous gland cell in ear (wax secretion)
Eccrine sweat gland dark cell (glycoprotein secretion)
Eccrine sweat gland clear cell (small molecule secretion)
Apocrine sweat gland cell (odoriferous secretion, sex-hormone sensitive)
Gland of Moll cell in eyelid (specialized sweat gland)
Sebaceous gland cell (lipid-rich sebum secretion)
Bowman's gland cell in nose (washes olfactory epithelium)
Brunner's gland cell in duodenum (enzymes and alkaline mucus)
Prostate gland cell (secretes seminal fluid components)
Bulbourethral gland cell (mucus secretion)
Bartholin's gland cell (vaginal lubricant secretion)
Gland of Littre cell (mucus secretion)
Uterus endometrium cell (carbohydrate secretion)
Isolated goblet cell of respiratory and digestive tracts (mucus secretion)
Stomach lining mucous cell (mucus secretion)
Gastric gland zymogenic cell (pepsinogen secretion)
Gastric gland oxyntic cell (hydrochloric acid secretion)
Pancreatic acinar cell (bicarbonate and digestive enzyme secretion)
Paneth cell of small intestine (lysozyme secretion)
Type II pneumocyte of lung (surfactant secretion)
Clara cell of lung
Anterior pituitary cells
Intermediate pituitary cell, secreting melanocyte-stimulating hormone
Magnocellular neurosecretory cells
secreting oxytocin
secreting vasopressin
Gut and respiratory tract cells
secreting serotonin
secreting endorphin
secreting somatostatin
secreting gastrin
secreting secretin
secreting cholecystokinin
secreting insulin
secreting glucagon
secreting bombesin
Thyroid gland cells
thyroid epithelial cell
parafollicular cell
Parathyroid gland cells
Parathyroid chief cell
Oxyphil cell
Adrenal gland cells
chromaffin cells
secreting steroid hormones (mineralcorticoids and gluco corticoids)
Leydig cell of testes secreting testosterone
Theca interna cell of ovarian follicle secreting estrogen
Corpus luteum cell of ruptured ovarian follicle secreting progesterone
Granulosa lutein cells
Theca lutein cells
Juxtaglomerular cell (renin secretion)
Macula densa cell of kidney
Peripolar cell of kidney
Mesangial cell of kidney
Hepatocyte (liver cell)
White fat cell
Brown fat cell
Liver lipocyte
Kidney glomerulus parietal cell
Kidney glomerulus podocyte
Kidney proximal tubule brush border cell
Loop of Henle thin segment cell
Kidney distal tubule cell
Kidney collecting duct cell
Type I pneumocyte (lining air space of lung)
Pancreatic duct cell (centroacinar cell)
Nonstriated duct cell (of sweat gland, salivary gland, mammary gland, etc.)
principal cell
Intercalated cell
Duct cell (of seminal vesicle, prostate gland, etc.)
Intestinal brush border cell (with microvilli)
Exocrine gland striated duct cell
Gall bladder epithelial cell
Ductulus efferens nonciliated cell
Epididymal principal cell
Epididymal basal cell
Blood vessel and lymphatic vascular endothelial fenestrated cell
Blood vessel and lymphatic vascular endothelial continuous cell
Blood vessel and lymphatic vascular endothelial splenic cell
Synovial cell (lining joint cavities, hyaluronic acid secretion)
Serosal cell (lining peritoneal, pleural, and pericardial cavities)
Squamous cell (lining perilymphatic space of ear)
Squamous cell (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Dark cell (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Vestibular membrane cell (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Stria vascularis basal cell (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Stria vascularis marginal cell (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Cell of Claudius (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Cell of Boettcher (lining endolymphatic space of ear)
Choroid plexus cell (cerebrospinal fluid secretion)
Pia-arachnoid squamous cell
Pigmented ciliary epithelium cell of eye
Nonpigmented ciliary epithelium cell of eye
Corneal endothelial cell
Respiratory tract ciliated cell
Oviduct ciliated cell (in female)
Uterine endometrial ciliated cell (in female)
Rete testis ciliated cell (in male)
Ductulus efferens ciliated cell (in male)
Ciliated ependymal cell of central nervous system (lining brain cavities)
Ameloblast epithelial cell (tooth enamel secretion)
Loose connective tissue fibroblasts
Corneal fibroblasts
Tendon fibroblasts
Bone marrow reticular tissue fibroblasts
Other nonepithelial fibroblasts
Nucleus pulposus cell of intervertebral disc
Cementoblast/cementocyte (tooth root bonelike cementum secretion)
Odontoblast/odontocyte (tooth dentin secretion)
Hyaline cartilage chondrocyte
Fibrocartilage chondrocyte
Elastic cartilage chondrocyte
Osteoprogenitor cell (stem cell of osteoblasts)
Hyalocyte of vitreous body of eye
Stellate cell of perilymphatic space of ear
Skeletal muscle cells
Red skeletal muscle cell (slow)
White skeletal muscle cell (fast)
Intermediate skeletal muscle cell
nuclear bag cell of muscle spindle
nuclear chain cell of muscle spindle
Satellite cell (stem cell)
Heart muscle cells
Ordinary heart muscle cell
Nodal heart muscle cell
Purkinje fiber cell
Smooth muscle cell (various types)
Myoepithelial cell of iris
Myoepithelial cell of exocrine glands
Erythrocyte (red blood cell)
Megakaryocyte (platelet precursor)
Connective tissue macrophage (various types)
Epidermal Langerhans cell
Osteoclast (in bone)
Dendritic cell (in lymphoid tissues)
Microglial cell (in central nervous system)
Neutrophil granulocyte
Eosinophil granulocyte
Basophil granulocyte
Mast cell
Helper T cell
Suppressor T cell
Cytotoxic T cell
Natural Killer T cell
B cell
Natural killer cell
Auditory inner hair cell of organ of Corti
Auditory outer hair cell of organ of Corti
Basal cell of olfactory epithelium (stem cell for olfactory neurons)
Cold-sensitive primary sensory neurons
Heat-sensitive primary sensory neurons
Merkel cell of epidermis (touch sensor)
Olfactory receptor neuron
Pain-sensitive primary sensory neurons (various types)
Photoreceptor cells of retina in eye:
Photoreceptor rod cells
Photoreceptor blue-sensitive cone cell of eye
Photoreceptor green-sensitive cone cell of eye
Photoreceptor red-sensitive cone cell of eye
Proprioceptive primary sensory neurons (various types)
Touch-sensitive primary sensory neurons (various types)
Type I carotid body cell (blood pH sensor)
Type II carotid body cell (blood pH sensor)
Type I hair cell of vestibular apparatus of ear (acceleration and gravity)
Type II hair cell of vestibular apparatus of ear (acceleration and gravity)
Type I taste bud cell
Cholinergic neural cell (various types)
Adrenergic neural cell (various types)
Peptidergic neural cell (various types)
Inner pillar cell of organ of Corti
Outer pillar cell of organ of Corti
Inner phalangeal cell of organ of Corti
Outer phalangeal cell of organ of Corti
Border cell of organ of Corti
Hensen cell of organ of Corti
Vestibular apparatus supporting cell
Type I taste bud supporting cell
Olfactory epithelium supporting cell
Schwann cell
Satellite cell (encapsulating peripheral nerve cell bodies)
Enteric glial cell
Astrocyte (various types)
Neuron cells (large variety of types, still poorly classified)
Spindle neuron
Anterior lens epithelial cell
Crystallin-containing lens fiber cell
Retinal pigmented epithelial cell
Spermatogonium cell (stem cell for spermatocyte)
Ovarian follicle cell
Sertoli cell (in testis)
Thymus epithelial cell
Interstitial kidney cells