Canadian record labels

Ache Records
Agasea Records
Ajax Records (Quebec)
Alert Records
Alien8 Recordings
Ambiances Magnétiques
Angeline Entertainment
Anthem Records
Apegenine recordings
Apex Records (Canada)
Aporia Records
Aquarius Records (record label)
Artiste Records
Artoffact Records
Arts & Crafts (record label)
Attic Records (Canada)
Audiogram (label)
Aurora Records
BMG Music Canada
Bangor Records
Battleaxe Records
The Baudelaire Label
Beatkamp Inc.
Bent Penny Records
Bijou Records
Black Hen Music
Black Jays
Blocks Recording Club
Boompa Records
Bugs Crawling Out of People
Bullseye Records of Canada
Bully Records
Bumstead Records
C4 Records
CBC Records
Capitol Hill Music
Cinnamon Toast Records
Compo Company
Constellation Records
Crony Records
Cyclone Records
D-Trash Records
DROG Records
Dead Daisy Records
Dependent Music
Dine Alone Records
Disques Hushush
Disques Victoire
Distort Entertainment
Ductape Records
Duke Street Records
Empreintes DIGITALes
Endearing Records
Equator Records (Canada)
FRE Records
Festival Distribution
F cont.
Fig Records
Firestar Records
Flemish Eye
Flesh Eating Ants Records
Fogarty's Cove Music
The Ford Plant
Forward Music Group
Fringe Product
Frontside Promotions
Funtrip Records
Fusion III
G7 Welcoming Committee Records
Geska Records
Greenhouse Music
Grenadine Records
Griffin Music
Groupe Transition
Handsome Boy Records
Hardwood Records
Her Royal Majesty's Records
Here's My Card Records
Hevydevy Records
High Life Music
Icon Records
Indica Records
Intrepid Records (Canada)
Isadora Records
Iso:lation Tank
Jericho Beach Music
Justin Time Records
Kalibre Records
Kelp Records
Koch Entertainment Canada
Last Gang Records
Latent Recordings
Linus Entertainment
Makebelieve Records
MapleMusic Recordings
Mille Pattes Records
Mint Records
Minus (record label)
Mumbles Hip Hop
Mushroom Records (Canada)
Navarre Canada
New Romance for Kids
Nhi Le Records
No Records
NorthernBlues Music
Noyes Records
Oasis Records
Og Music
Oliver Sudden Productions
Orange Record Label
O cont.
Out of this Spark
Outside Music
PHD Canada Distribution
Pacific Front Recordings
Page Music
Paper Bag Records
Peanuts & Corn Records
Plus 8
Powerplant Music
Punknews Records
Quality Records
Quinlan Road
R.A.W. Records
Raw Energy Records
Ready Records
Resistance Records
Rhythm of Sickness Records
Sackville Records
Sappy Records
Secret City Records
Sheeba Records
Shoreline Records
Signed By Force
604 Records
Six Shooter Records
Smallman Records
Sonic Union
Sonic Unyon
Sound Document
Sparton Records
Stony Plain Records
Sublight Records
Submerged Records
Sudden Death Records
Synaptic Plastic
Synthetic Entertainment
TML Entertainment
Teenage USA Recordings
The Great American Steak Religion
Three Gut Records
True North Records
URBNET Records
Underground Operations
Unidisc Music Inc.
Union Label Group
Upper Class Recordings
User talk:GenderFix
ViK. Recordings
Walnut + locust
Warner Music Canada
Yorkville Records
Zedtone Records
Zulu Records
Zéro Musique