A list of physics constants

Speed of light in vacuum
Permeability of vacuum
Permittivity of vacuum
Newtonian constant of gravitation
Planck constant
Planck constant in eV
h-bar in eV
Planck mass
Planck length
Planck time
Elementary charge
Magnetic flux quantum
Josephson frequency-voltage quotient
Quantized Hall conductance
Quantized Hall resistance
Bohr magneton
Bohr magneton in eV
Bohr magneton in Hz
Bohr magneton in wavenumbers
Bohr magneton in kelvins
Nuclear magneton
Nuclear magneton in eV
Nuclear magneton in Hz
Nuclear magneton in wavenumbers
Nuclear magneton in kelvins
Fine structure constant
Inverse fine structure constant
Rydberg constant
Rydberg constant in Hz
Rydberg constant in joules
Rydberg constant in eV
Bohr radius
Hartree energy
Hartree energy in eV
Quantum of circulation
Electron mass
Electron mass in u
Electron mass in eV
Electron-muon mass ratio
Electron-proton mass ratio
Electron-deuteron mass ratio
Electron-alpha-particle mass ratio
Electron specific charge
Electron molar mass
Electron Compton wavelength
Electron Compton wavelength over 2 pi
Electron classical radius
Electron Thomson cross section
Electron magnetic moment
Electron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons
Electron magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons
Electron magnetic moment anomaly
Electron g-factor
Electron-muon magnetic moment ratio
Electron-proton magnetic moment ratio
Muon mass
Muon mass in u
Muon mass in eV
Muon-electron mass ratio
Muon molar mass
Muon magnetic moment
Muon magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons
Muon magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons
Muon magnetic moment anomaly
Muon g-factor
Muon-proton magnetic moment ratio
Proton mass
Proton mass in u
Proton mass in eV
Proton-electron mass ratio
Proton-muon mass ratio
Proton specific charge
Proton molar mass
Proton Compton wavelength
Proton magnetic moment
Proton magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons
Proton magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons
Diamagnetic shielding correction for protons (H_2 O, spherical sample, 298.15 K)
Shielded proton moment (H_2 O, spherical sample, 298.15 K)
Shielded proton moment in Bohr magnetons
Shielded proton moment in nuclear magnetons
Proton gyromagnetic ratio

Proton gyromagnetic ratio, uncorrected (H_2 O, spherical sample, 298.15 K)

Neutron mass
Neutron mass in u
Neutron mass in eV
Neutron-electron mass ratio
Neutron-proton mass ratio
Neutron molar mass
Neutron Compton wavelength
Neutron magnetic moment
Neutron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons
Neutron magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons
Neutron-electron magnetic moment ratio
Neutron-proton magnetic moment ratio
Deuteron mass
Deuteron mass in u
Deuteron mass in eV
Deuteron-electron mass ratio
Deuteron-proton mass ratio
Deuteron molar mass
Deuteron magnetic moment
Deuteron magnetic moment in Bohr magnetons
Deuteron magnetic moment in nuclear magnetons
Deuteron-electron magnetic moment ratio
Deuteron-proton magnetic moment ratio
Avagadro constant
Atomic mass constant
Atomic mass constant in eV
Faraday constant
Molar Planck constant

Molar gas constant
Boltzmann constant
Boltzmann constant in eV
Boltzmann constant in Hz
Boltzmann constant in wavenumbers
Molar volume (ideal gas), STP
Loschmidt constant
Stefan-Boltzmann constant
First radiation constant
Second radiation constant
Wien displacement law constant
Electron volt
Atomic mass unit
Standard atmosphere
Standard acceleration of gravity
BIPM-maintained ohm, Omega_69-B1 as of 1 Jan 85
Drift rate of Omega_69-B1
BIPM-maintained volt 483 694 GHz(h/2e)
BIPM maintained ampere A_BIPM
Cu x-unit:
Mo x-unit:
AA *:
Lattice spacing of Si (in vacuum, 295.65 K)
Lattice spacing Si (220) plane
Molar volume of Si